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The staff and the students of the Dept of Chemistry will strive together to achieve and maintain high academic standards through sustained, hard and creative work in teaching, learning, research and extension work in an atmosphere of mutual respect and healthy human relationship to cause the holistic development of students.

Just an Introduction..

Chemistry comprises a broad range of study including diverse areas like pharmaceuticals, advanced materials, biochemistry, and theoretical chemistry. Society relies upon chemistry for the foundations of our economy and the standard of living can be traced back to chemical advances. Chemistry is the science of the materials that make up our physical world. No one person could expect to master all aspects of such a vast field. Hence it has been found convenient to divide the subject into smaller areas like Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Theoretical Chemistry, and Analytical Chemistry.

Chemists, chemical technologists and technicians often work to develop practical processes for the large-scale manufacture of products. Qualified chemists will be responsible for devising new tests as new products are developed. Chemists play a key role in the development of drugs, which help to cure and alleviate diseases and prolong the life span. Chemists are involved in biochemistry and genetic engineering. Chemists are also at the forefront of developing fields such as nanotechnology. They are actively involved in environmental issues and are helping to tap new sources of energy to replace the earth's finite reserves of petroleum.

Our Faculty

A team of 17 teachers works for the students and the department with the spirit of research in the areas of Complex Analysis, Effluent Chemistry, Photochemistry, Molecular Dynamics and Cheminformatics.

What would you do after chemistry at Bishop Heber?

Depending on the interests and training, the budding chemists from Bishop Heber College get employed in various Pharmaceutical industries, Clinical Laboratories and R&D Labs. Many of the Department’s alumni are placed in various research institutions like Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Central Leather Research Institute (CLRI), National Chemical Laboratory (NCL) and Central Electrochemical Research Institute (CECRI).