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The programme aims to facilitate learning of commerce inputs which will reflect the current trends and to impart skills to enhance the marketability of the learners.

Just an Introduction..

The Department of Commerce in Bishop Heber College, which has its roots in the Department of Corporate Secretaryship, has been affiliated to the University of Madras since 1977. The Department of Corporate Secretaryship was changed into the Department of Commerce in 1984,with Bharathidasan University,Tiruchirappalli. B.Com. is a very popular course chosen by the students who want to excel in areas of Accounts, Audit, Finance, Marketing, Public Relations, Industrial Relations, of late e-Commerce, Computational Accounting and Information Technology useful in Finance like Oracle and SAP.

The Department of Commerce has been a vibrant department with staff members who are dedicated, involved and responsive to the needs of the students. Hence students aspire to get admitted in the department to enjoy the best of both the academic ambience of the Heber campus and the humane curricular exercises of the department, giving enough scope for the development of their personality.

Value of Tally

Tally plays a vital role in several business decisions and has emerged as the market leader in financial accounting software. Tally is bigger than all other accounting software brands in India put together. It is used in businesses of all types and sizes with 2,50,000 customers in India and over 2 million users worldwide.