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The Department is chiefly interested in opening fresh avenues for personality development and command of language skills along with the acquisition of knowledge of the subject, English Literature. It offers need-based programmes, provided in an academic environment of quality higher education, and imbibes essential and universal values implicit in literature and life. The students, especially from the under-privileged stratum, are trained to acquire English communicative skills along with the knowledge about varied social and national values obtained from the study of literatures written in English around the globe.

Just an Introduction..

The Department has initiated need-based syllabi for all programmes, keeping in mind social and national needs as well as student competence. Courses such as "English Language Teaching", "Communicative Skills in English" and "Journalism" have taken innovative shapes and directives in line with the current educational needs.

A course each on "Eco-Literature" and "Gender Studies", at the Post-Graduate level, offers greater insight and impetus to students desirous of intellectually encountering the two creative and sustaining principles of excellence in life-elemental nature and matriarchy or female nurture.

Our Faculty

We believe that a vision with no action is a dream; an action with no vision is a nightmare. With the inevitable need for curbing the lecture mode of instruction and the dictation of notes, greater focus is turned upon securing the active participation of students in the learning process. The "chalk-and-talk" method is used only to focus the attention of the learner on key words and ideas in the explication of a concept and also to list and summarize the main topic. The P.G. programme offers training in the use of OHP and Power Point presentations during seminar sessions. The screening of select educational films and documentaries is carried out periodically depending on the requirements of a programme.

The English Association

Programmes of the English Association of the Department are organized by the students under the guidance of a staff-in-charge. The association conducts regular seminars, guest-lectures, group-discussions and book and film reviews by and for the students. While conducting its own annual literary meet called Lit-Hit, it also encourages participation in other inter-collegiate literary competitions organized by other colleges.

The Department Journal

The Department has been successfully running its journal "Literary Explorer" for the past 14 years to which both students and teachers are motivated to contribute their critiques and creative outputs.