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The Department of Library and Information Science plays a key role in training young students to become Librarians, Information officers and Knowledge Managers. The Department imparts skills in technical and managerial areas

Just an Introduction..

A new society called “Knowledge Society” is emerging in the 21st century. An efficient utilization of the existing knowledge can create comprehensive wealth for the nation in the form of better health, education and infrastructure. Whether a nation has emerged as a knowledge society or not is judged by how effectively the country deals with knowledge creation, organization, dissemination and utilization.

Our Faculty

The dedicated team of faculty is engaged in various minor research projects sanctioned by the University Grants Commission. Various research activities are also carried out in the Department in various specialization areas viz. Information Processing and Retrieval, Information Technology and Medical Information System.

Teaching Facility

Group discussions, seminars, group study, presentations and lectures are the teaching strategies which improve learner skills. Over-head projectors and power-point presentations strengthen the teaching aid. Students are encouraged to present and publish papers at national and international seminars and conferences.