Bishop heber College - Department
Apart from the regular Core Course like Poetry, Drama, Prose, Fiction, Indian Writing in English, Shakespeare, New Literatures, Literary forms etc., Grammar and Usage, Communication Skills, English Language Teaching and Journalism are offered as need-based courses, and Writing for the Media and Functional English as extra-disciplinary courses . Courses such as "English Language Teaching", "Communicative Skills in English" and "Journalism" have taken innovative shapes and directives in line with the current educational needs.
Career-oriented courses such as English Language Teaching, Journalism, Writing for the Mass Media and Translation Studies designed with a mandatory practical component are also run, alongside the conventional programmes. Specially designed courses like Modern Literatures, New Literature, Literary Criticism, Research Methodology, Ecocriticism, Women's Writings, etc., are offered as core courses along with need-based Extra-Disciplinary courses in "Communication Skills" and "Writing for the Media." Courses of current social relevance such as "Eco-Literature" and "Women’s Writing", at the Post-Graduate level, offers greater insight and impetus to students desirous of intellectually encountering the two creative and sustaining principles of excellence in life-elemental nature and matriarchy or female nurture.
The syllabi comprises three core courses offered in the first semester – Research Methodology, Twentieth Century Literacy Criticism and Teaching and Learning Skills and a Specialization course based on the area of research chosen by the research scholar. In the second semester the scholars submit the dissertation on the area of research chosen by them and attend the viva-voce examination.
The Ph.D. Research Programme is offered Full-time and Part-time in the field of English Literature, other national literatures in English, English Language and Linguistics and English Language Teaching. New Areas of research activity such as Journalism, Eco-Literature and Gender Studies are also taken up.