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The deanery of extension activities works on three agenda, fulfilling the third pillar of higher education, the extension. Deanery of extension activities works at three areas, namely with students through Part V Clubs, with the community through adoption of village communities, and with the management through accomplishing the requirements of NAAC and UGC requirements. There are about 20 part V clubs functioning in our College, works for and through students, viz., NCC Air and Army Wing, NSS Boys and Girls Wing, Sports and Games Club, Nature Club, Red Ribbon Club, Youth Red Cross, Junior Jaycees, Student Exnora, Quiz Club, DOE Club, Good Samaritan Club, Human Rights Club, LEO Club, Consumer Club, Road Safety Club, Youth against Drugs Club, Fine Arts association and Rotaract Club. At the student level, the clubs engage the students in their own areas of work, besides moulding their personality. The clubs also provide manpower in organizing programmes of the college. At the community level, the deanery of extension has adopted 11 villages belonging to four different blocks, based on the criteria that, needy and deserving in nature, minimal or meager support from government, no much involvement of voluntary or community based organizations. The important target groups are women, children, youth and older persons apart from the community members on the whole. Major emphasis is given to water and sanitation including promoting safe water and toilet usage, promotion of health, skill training and creating employment opportunities for youth and women, exposure, guidance and educational support to children.

Part-V Clubs

1. NCC (Army Wing)
2. NCC (Air Wing)
3. NSS (Girls)
4. NSS (Boys)
5. Fine Arts Assn.
6. Sports & Games
7. Red Ribbon Club
8. Rotaract Club
9. Heber Quiz Club

10. Consumer Club
11. DOE Club
12.Entrepreneur Devt. Cell
13. Good Samaritan
14. Junior Jaycees
15. LEO Club
16. Nature Club
17. Student Exnora
18. Youth Against Drugs

19. Human Rights Club
20. Youth Red Cross
21. Road safety Club
22. Suicide Prevention Club
23. Gender Sensitization Club
24. Communication Club
25. Movie Club
26. Anti Corruption Club
27. Philately Club

Contact Person


Dean Of Extension Activities


Assoc. Dean Of Extension Activities


Extension Officer