Bishop heber College - Department
The course aims at explaining the business environment in which the public and private sectors operate. It helps students to develop decision making ability in real time business situations. It also focuses on developing operational and analytical skills in students to tackle business problems in different sectors. The students are required to do project work of their interest in the last year of the program, which further facilitates them to develop their management skills in a particular sector.
This program never loses sight in aiming to enlighten students on how to make managerial decisions. The program is founded on the belief that the fundamental requirements of a managerial job is to make effective decisions with both academic knowledge and practical exposure, which understands the ground realities facing the present corporate world. This program gives ample scope for the students to specialize in their area of choice like marketing, finance, human resource and systems
The programme is consequently conceived as a graduate conversion course which will prepare students for a successful career. It sets high academic and intellectual standards and is based upon the latest academic research in the field. The programme is designed throughout to help participants transition from students to professional managers, by providing them with the fundamental knowledge needed in a management career and with novel opportunities to develop their collaborative leadership skills and business creativity. The philosophy behind the programme is that while effective management requires experience, a good grounding in academic knowledge is an invaluable prerequisite for a managerial career. Because management involves such a wide array of skills, from the mathematical to the interpersonal, the MPhil in Management demands excellence across a wide range of applied disciplines.
The course aim to analyze and formulate relevant research questions, that aim at making significant contributions to their field of research. To conceptualize and implement with rigor research designs and methodologies that allow them to contribute to expand the frontiers of knowledge in their management research field. To be able to hold positions in leading academic and research institutions.