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About MSW

The objectives of the programme is to

  • Understand and apply theoretical frameworks and scientific orientation to inform assessment and guide practice interventions with individuals, groups and community.
  • Use professional values, ethics and skills to provide a foundational context within the generalist practice framework of engagement, assessment, intervention and evaluation
  • Demonstrate awareness, sensitivity and respect for the influence of human diversity in shaping life experiences across the lifespan, nationally as well as globally.

The MSW programme at Bishop Heber College recognizes the complexities of contemporary society that advocates for a society that respects the dignity and achievement of all individuals, families, and communities through its educational, research, and community service activities. The Department welcomes students who possess a bachelor’s degree in social work or a bachelor’s in another field. The classroom offers a diverse network for students to engage with professionally. We are committed to educating highly skilled social workers who practice in a variety of public, private, and non-profit settings. Our graduates become leaders who possess the knowledge, skills and commitment to address the needs and capacities of individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities. They also learn evidence based practice and work in a variety of settings including schools, health and mental health centers, and community based and residential programs.
The programme is spread out to two years and four semesters with the following three specializations:

MSW Clinical Social Work Specialization (2 Years)

The specialization in clinical social work, also often referred to as Medical and Psychiatric Social Work specialization, generally prepares students for more advanced study on assessment, diagnosis and treatment of mental illness and psychological disorders and the treatment of relationship and family problems. Clinical social workers are employed in settings such as private practice, mental health clinics, hospitals and community centers.

MSW Community Development Management Specialization (2 Years)

The Community Development Management Specialization offers education that equips the students with knowledge about developmental areas concerned with rural, tribal and urban communities and develops skills to interact with them at various levels.

MSW Human Resource Management Specialization (2 Years)

Formerly referred to as “Personnel Management and Industrial Relations” offers intensive learning in Labour welfare, personnel Management and Industrial Relations as well as exposure to Human Resource Management and Organizational Development. The Specialization familiarizes students with social work practice and social welfare services and policies. Students learn how to work with various types of groups, explore common social issues and examine the types of social welfare programs. They also study human behavior and development and the dynamics of individuals, groups and their communities.

M.Phil. (Social Work)[Part Time and Full-time]
(1 Years Programme)

The objectives of the programme is to

  • Identify with the social work profession including knowledge of the historical context and foundation.
  • Recognize the influence of research and policy on service delivery as well as the influence of practice on research and policy development.
  • Demonstrate commitment to continued professional development.

With the objectives of providing advanced course of study to post-graduates in Social Work, to provide basic training required for undertaking research work and to train them in conducting research in different areas of social work and To prepare them for undertaking higher responsibilities in such areas as social work education, research, policy formulation, planning and administration, the Department offers M.Phil. programme in Social Work both on full and part time modes. Any person who has obtained MSW (Social Work) degree from any recognized university of India or abroad with 55% or more marks or equivalent grade shall be eligible to apply for admission to M.Phil. in Social Work.

Ph.D.(Social Work)[Full-time & Part-time]

The overall objective of the programme is to

  • produce researchers who investigate social problems and disseminate research knowledge, as well as to produce high quality social work educators.
  • prepare graduates with the highest level of knowledge and skills needed to inform policy making, program development and evaluation, and research on social work practice issues
  • prepare students for lifelong professional development.

The PhD program in the Department of Social Work at The Bishop Heber College prepares its graduates for successful academic careers as social work educators and researchers. The curriculum includes course work and research experiences, an opportunity to master individualized content and original research, and chances to publish in leading journals. Upon graduation, they are confident and prepared for future. During the programme the Doctoral Scholars are personally mentored by renowned and interdisciplinary faculty. They will also have numerous opportunities to develop research competencies while solving the critical social problems of the day. They also have an opportunity to gain teaching competencies through assistantships and opportunities to teach MSW and PGDC classes. At the The Department of Social Work you will find the best of the best in learning and living while earning the PhD Degree.

Doctoral students will have an opportunity to pursue a highly individualized plan of study, while developing core competencies that are integral to contemporary social work research and practice. The critical linkages between social work and social science research, theory, and practice build upon our faculty’s strengths in varied thrust areas of our Department. The Scholars identify research topics around a population (i.e., children, immigrants and refugees, older persons) and/or a social problem/issue (i.e., poverty, housing, mental illness, health disparities) and complete two or three course works with 4 Credits each. Four credits of the specialization must be taken in a theory course. The courses are developed by the scholars in collaboration with his or her faculty advisor and approved by Doctoral Committee constituted and approved by the Bharathidasan University.

P.G.D.C.(Post-Graduate Diploma in Counselling)

The objective of the program is to Prepare social work students for the professional practice of counselling with diverse target groups with various sizes, emphasizing the provision of competent, ethical clinical competencies of social work

This programmes is offered Under the Autonomous Seal of Bishop Heber College. A novel, rigorous and practice-based programme of study to persons aspiring to get involved in the field of professional Social Work. The goal of a counselor remains constant irrespective of specialization: to help clients gain self-awareness and aid clients in their ability to create a better environment for themselves both emotionally and physically. Varied Career Opportunities are in the fields of Career Counseling, Child Counseling, Community Counseling, Gerontological Counseling, Industrial Counselling, Student Counselling, Marriage and Family Counselling, Multi-Cultural Counseling , Rehabilitation Counseling, Substance Abuse Counseling, HIV/AIDS Counselling and Crisis Counselling. This Diploma Programme of One Year Duration will have a total of 4 theory papers (Non-Semester pattern), Supervised block Field Work and case presentations at the end of the programme.
Eligibility: The basic eligibility would be a Bachelor’s Degree in any subject.
Duration: One Year
Timings: The classes will be held on Saturdays between 8.30 a.m. and 1.00 PM.

D.C.F.C.D.(Diploma in Child Focussed Community Development)

The objectives of the programme is to

Understand theory and application of supervisory and consultative skills in the areas of Child Focussed Community Development

DCFCD is an in-service Diploma Programme was initially launched for the staff members under Child Focused Community Development (CFCD) projects implemented by Church Council for Children and Youth Care (CCC & YC), Bangalore in the year 2007. The programme is offered for a period of six-months comprising academic inputs and fieldwork component. The course commenced on 23rd January 2007 with 15 students who are newly recruited for the CFCD projects implemented in four states viz., Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. Three batches of students were trained under this programme. The programme is offered on –request basis.