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Date            Event NameOrganizing DepartmentMode of Event Resource Person
2020-03-31Attendance meetingCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2020-03-30Internal Test IICollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2020-03-29HolidayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2020-03-28Internal Test IICollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2020-03-28Internal Test IICollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2020-03-27Internal Test IICollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2020-03-26Internal Test IICollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2020-03-25Holiday - Telugu & Karnataka New YearCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2020-03-24Internal Test IICollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2020-03-23Internal Test IICollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2020-03-22HolidayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2020-03-21HolidayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2020-03-19Online= Students Feedback(U- Science)College CalendarCollege Calendar
2020-03-19Online= Students Feedback(PG)College CalendarCollege Calendar
2020-03-18Online= Students Feedback(UG - Science)College CalendarCollege Calendar
2020-03-15HolidayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2020-03-14HolidayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2020-03-13College DayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2020-03-12Service DayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2020-03-11Achievers DayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2020-03-10Last Day of Exam fees without FineCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2020-03-08HolidayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2020-03-06Academic Audit(Science)College CalendarCollege Calendar
2020-03-05Academic Audit(Arts)College CalendarCollege Calendar
2020-03-02Star Department Report SubmissionCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2020-03-01HolidayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2019-10-17 Two Day Staff Workshop on Science through Inquiry & Research(UBCHEA-sponsored)chemistry
2019-09-27Fresher Orientation 2019 - International and North East StudentsCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2019-09-27Catharsis 2019Social Work
2019-09-23Muztamil Vizha 2019Tamil
2019-09-20Festaurum 2019College General
2019-05-26HolidayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2019-05-25HolidayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2019-05-19HolidayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2019-05-18HolidayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2019-05-12HolidayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2019-05-11HolidayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2019-05-05HolidayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2019-05-04HolidayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2019-05-01May Day - HolidayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2019-04-28HolidayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2019-04-27HolidayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2019-04-21HolidayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2019-04-20HolidayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2019-04-19Good Friday - HolidayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2019-04-17Mahavir Jeyanthi - HolidayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2019-04-15End Semester BeginsCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2019-04-14Tamil New Year - HolidayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2019-04-12Staff Meeting - Last signing dayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2019-04-11Farewell to Retiring StaffCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2019-04-10CIA PublicationsCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2019-04-09Distribution of PapersCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2019-04-08Internal Test II & Placement DayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2019-04-07HolidayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2019-04-06Telugu New Year - HolidayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2019-04-05Internal Test - IICollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2019-04-04Internal Test - II / Attendance MeetingCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2019-04-03Internal Test - IICollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2019-04-02Internal Test - IICollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2019-04-01Internal Test - IICollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2019-03-31HolidayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2019-03-30HolidayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2019-03-28Online Student Feedback(PG)College CalendarCollege Calendar
2019-03-27Online Student Feedback(UG Science)College CalendarCollege Calendar
2019-03-26Online Student Feedback(UG Arts)College CalendarCollege Calendar
2019-03-24HolidayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2019-03-23Heber National Conference on Ensuring Environmental SustainabilityEnvironmental SciencesUGC Sponsored Heber National Conference
2019-03-23HolidayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2019-03-22Heber National Conference on Ensuring Environmental SustainabilityEnvironmental SciencesUGC Sponsored Heber National Conference
2019-03-22Last Day for payment of Examination Fees with FineCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2019-03-18Heber FESTAURUMCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2019-03-17HolidayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2019-03-16Convocation DayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2019-03-1353rd College Day Celebrations College GeneralRt.Rev.Dr.D.Chandrasekaran, Bishop and Chairman, College General Body
2019-03-13College DayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2019-03-12Service DayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2019-03-11Achievers' Day College GeneralProf. Dr. P. VELLAISAMY,Department of Mathematics, Indian Institute of Technology Mumbai
2019-03-11Achievers DayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2019-03-10HolidayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2019-03-08Academic Audit (Science)College CalendarCollege Calendar
2019-03-07Academic Audit (Arts)College CalendarCollege Calendar
2019-03-03HolidayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2019-03-02Managerial Competencies for Library Professionals : Trends & Opportunities.Library & Information ScienceUGC Sponsored National Conference
2019-03-02HolidayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2019-03-01Star Dept. Report SubmissionCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2019-02-27Recent Developments In Genetic Engineering and Gene Therapy through BactofectionZoologyTwo Days Workshop
2019-02-26Recent Developments In Genetic Engineering and Gene Therapy through BactofectionZoologyTwo Days Workshop
2019-02-26Release of Students Attendance PositionCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2019-02-24HolidayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2019-02-23HolidayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2019-02-22Last Day for the Examination fees without FineCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2019-02-17HolidayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2019-02-16Internal Test ICollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2019-02-15Internal Test ICollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2019-02-14Internal Test ICollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2019-02-13Internal Test ICollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2019-02-12Internal Test ICollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2019-02-11Internal Test ICollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2019-02-10HolidayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2019-02-09HolidayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2019-02-08Challenges and Prospects on Centre - State Relations in Contemporary IndiaHistoryICSSR - Sponsored Two - Day National Level Conference
2019-02-07Challenges and Prospects on Centre - State Relations in Contemporary IndiaHistoryICSSR - Sponsored Two - Day National Level Conference
2019-02-03HolidayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2019-01-27HolidayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2019-01-26Republic Day - HolidayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2019-01-24Chemical Research & Innovations Today - CRIT 2019ChemistryInternational Conference
2019-01-20HolidayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2019-01-17Uzhavar Tirunal - HolidayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2019-01-16Thiruvalluvar Day - HolidayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2019-01-15Pongal - HolidayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2019-01-14HolidayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2019-01-13HolidayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2019-01-09Last Day for the college fees without FineCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2019-01-06HolidayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2019-01-03College Re-OpensCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2019-01-01New Year - HolidayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2018-12-24Christmas - Holiday BeginsCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2018-12-23HolidayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2018-12-16HolidayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2018-12-15HolidayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2018-12-09Holiday College CalendarCollege Calendar
2018-12-08Holiday (Christmas Family Get-together)College CalendarCollege Calendar
2018-12-07Christmas Carol ServiceCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2018-12-05IELTS Orientation Programme 2018International RelationsSeminarMr.Karthik Rajasekaran & Ms. Lavanya Vinothkumar
2018-12-02HolidayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2018-12-01HolidayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2018-11-26College Re-Opens for Even SemesterCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2018-11-25HolidayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2018-11-23Notice for the payment of College FeesCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2018-11-21Milad-Un-Nabi - HolidayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2018-11-18HolidayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2018-11-11HolidayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2018-11-06Deepavali-HolidayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2018-11-05HolidayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2018-11-04HolidayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2018-10-28HolidayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2018-10-28End Semester Examination BeginCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2018-10-27HolidayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2018-10-24Distribution of Papers / CIACollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2018-10-24Staff Meeting/ Last Working DayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2018-10-23Distribution of PapersCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2018-10-20HolidayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2018-10-19Vijayadashami - HolidayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2018-10-18Ayutha Pooja - HolidayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2018-10-17Internal Test - IICollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2018-10-16Internal Test - IICollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2018-10-15Internal Test - IICollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2018-10-14HolidayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2018-10-14HolidayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2018-10-13Internal Test - IICollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2018-10-12Internal Test - IICollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2018-10-11Internal Test - IICollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2018-10-10Last Date for the payment of Examination with FineCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2018-10-07HolidayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2018-10-06HolidayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2018-10-02Gandhi Jayanthi - HolidayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2018-09-30HolidayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2018-09-29Holiday - Muthamil VizhaCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2018-09-24Online - Students Feed Back (UG - Arts)College CalendarCollege Calendar
2018-09-24Online - Students Feed Back (UG - Science)College CalendarCollege Calendar
2018-09-24Online - Students Feed Back (PG)College CalendarCollege Calendar
2018-09-23HolidayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2018-09-22Rapid Application Development Using PythonInformation TechnologyFaculty Development ProgrammeProf. M.Muralidharan, Head, Department of Computer Science, Nehru Memorial College, Puthunampatti.
2018-09-22HolidayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2018-09-21Muharram - HolidayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2018-09-20Last Date for paying Examination Fees without fineCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2018-09-16HolidayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2018-09-15No Drive DayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2018-09-13Vinayagar Chadurthi - HolidayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2018-09-10Release of Students Attendance PositionCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2018-09-09HolidayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2018-09-04Web of Science,Venue: Digital Library Section, College LibraryLibraryGeneral
2018-09-02Krishna Jeyanthi - HolidayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2018-09-01Internal Test ICollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2018-08-31Internal Test ICOECollege Calendar
2018-08-30Internal Test ICOECollege Calendar
2018-08-29Internal Test ICOECollege Calendar
2018-08-28Internal Test ICOECollege Calendar
2018-08-27Internal Test ICOECollege Calendar
2018-08-26HolidayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2018-08-25HolidayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2018-08-24International Conference on Humanities, Arts and Science 2018 at Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malayasia.College General EventInternational Conference
2018-08-22Bakrid - HolidayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2018-08-19HolidayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2018-08-15Independence Day - HolidayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2018-08-12HolidayCollege CalendarGeneral
2018-08-10Hands on Training Heber Analytical Instrumentation Facility
2018-08-07Last Day for the payment of College fees with FineCalendar EventGeneral
2018-08-04History Association Inaugural FunctionHistoryHistory Association Inauguration Prof. N. Athiyaman, Dean, Faculty of Manuscriptology, Tamil University, Thanjavur
2018-08-0153rd Annual Sports MeetPhysical EducationSports MeetMr.M.M. Jacob, Retired Superintendent, Central Excise and Customs Member of Indian football Team.
2018-07-28Faculty Development ProgrammeIQACUGC Sponsored under 'College of Excellence' Scheme1.Dr.V.Ashok Immanuel, Associate Professor of CS,Christ University,Bengaluru. 2.Dr.S.N.Raghavendra, Associate Professor & Admission Chairman,BIM,Trichy., 3. Dr.Ramnath Srinath, Professory of Management Studies,Assumption University,Bangkok.
2018-07-26Heber Book & Film ClubEnglishDr. D.E.Benet,Associate Professor of English,National College,Trichy
2018-07-24English Association Inaugural FunctionEnglishEnglish Literary Inauguration Prof. G.Ravindran,former Head, Department of English,St Joseph College,Trichy-2
2018-06-30I UG - English Bridge CourseCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2018-06-29I UG - English Bridge CourseCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2018-06-28I UG - English Bridge CourseCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2018-06-27I UG - English Bridge CourseCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2018-06-26General Orientation ProgrammeCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2018-06-25I UG Classes BeginCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2018-06-24HolidayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2018-06-23HolidayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2018-06-22Staff MeetingCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2018-06-21Notice for the Payment of College FeesCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2018-06-20Staff Council MeetingCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2018-06-18College Re-Opens for Senior StudentsCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2018-06-17HolidayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2018-06-10HolidayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2018-06-09HolidayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2018-06-03HolidayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2018-06-02HolidayCollege CalendarCollege Calendar
2018-03-19Counseling WorkshopSocial WorkEnriching CounselingAnugraha Institute of Social Science, Dindugal
2018-03-17Convocation Day College General EventCollege General Event
2018-03-15College DayCollege General EventCollege General Event
2018-03-13Achievers DayCollege General EventCollege General Event
2018-03-10Role of Social Media in Libraries Opportunities And ChallengesLibrary & Info Sci.UGC Sponsored National Conference
2018-03-09International Conference on Creating Management NeomaManagement StudiesOne Day International ConferenceDr.V. Raghu Raman, Senion Faculty Member ICT, Oman & Dr.A.Saravanan, Assistant Professor, Ambo University(Woliso Campus) Ethiopia.
2018-03-06Dream DestinationSocial WorkCompetitiveMr. SATHISH KUMAR RACE IAS Academy, Trichy
2018-03-02National Conference in Applied MathematicsMathematicsNational Conference
2018-02-28Surphy 2K18PhysicsIntercollegiate MeetMr.John Louis, International Memory Trainer, Ben Academy, Trichy. & Mr.A.Mayilvaganam, DCP(Crime & Traffic) Trichy City
2018-02-26National Conference of Computing Technologies(NCCT-2018)Computer ScienceNational ConferenceDr.P.Shanmugavadivu, Associate Professor, Gandhigram Rural Institute (Deemed to be University),Dindigul.
2018-02-26Biofest-18 BiotechnologyState Level Intercollege MeetDr.K.Emmanuel RAjan, Professor & Head, Department of Animal Science, Bharathidasan University,Trichy
2018-02-24Alumni Get togetherSocial WorkReunion
2018-02-20NGO MeetSocial WorkStrengthening the Relationship
2018-02-18Historical Research MethodologyHistoryNational Level Workshop (Sponsored by ICHR)Prof. K.A. Manikumar, Former Vice Chancellor , Sagar University, Madhya Pradesh, Dr. S.N. Nageswara Rao, Associate Professor & Head (Retd), Department of History, Sir Theyaraja College, Chennai, Dr. G. Thirumoorthy, Associate Professor of Ancient History and Archaeology, University of Madras, Chennai, Dr. G. Stephen Vincent, Associate Professor & Head (Retd), St. Joseph College, Tiruchirappalli, Dr. Shyamrao Indersay Koreti, Associate Professor of History, University of Nagpur, Nagpur, Dr. R. Malliga, Associate Professor of History, Nirmala College for Women, Coimbatore.
2018-02-05LIT HIT 18 Twentieth ThespianEnglish Annual inter-collegiate literary competitions Dr.Stanley Mohandass Stephen, Professor, Research Department of English,The American College, Madurai. & Benny Prasad, Guitarist and world record holder.
2018-01-30FESTOCOM 2k18CommerceDepartment Association FunctionMr.Santhosh Narayanan, Music Director
2018-01-29International Conference on Material Physics (iComp 2018)PhysicsInternational ConferenceProf. K. Jaganathan, Head, Department of Physics, Bharathidasan University, Trichy-24
2018-01-25Medical HumanitiesEnglishLecture Series for Research StudentsGuest: Dr.Sathiaraj (Assistant Professor, Department of English, National Institute of Technology, Trichy)
2018-01-24Personality Interview SkillsSocial WorkSkill DevelopmentDr. J. GODWIN PREMSINGH Associate Professor (Retd) Director Childline, Trichy
2018-01-23Lecture Series for Research Students-New HistoricismEnglishM.Phil. and Ph. D. StudentsDr. Mohamed Ali Jinnah (Associate Professor, Jamal Mohamed College, Trichy.)
2018-01-10Pongal CelebrationSocial WorkDolores High School for Deaf, Dump, PonmalaipattiSr. SILVIA MARY Head Master
2017-12-22Parents Teacher MeetSocial WorkFeed Back Programme
2017-12-20Christmas ProgrammeSocial WorkGipsy ColonyM. ROBERT Community Consultant Trichy
2017-12-08Specialization ProgrammeSocial WorkSpecialization Based ProgrammeDr. ARUDHRA Sowmanasya Hospital & Institute of Psychiatry, Trichy Mr. BENHER JUDE HR, Sakthi Sugar, Theni Mr. PATHIAMARAJ SHED India Tanjore
2017-12-01Emerging Trends in Services sector in the Information of the Indian EconomyCommerceInternational Conference
2017-11-15Kerala Educational TourSocial WorkPractical Exposure
2017-11-03 Identification of nutrients from food sources Zoology One day Orientation Programme For school students Mr. Jeremiah Kirubananth, Assistant Professor, Bishop Heber College, Trichy
2017-10-06Life & pension schemes-Products and its valuationsActuarial scienceNational level ConferenceMr.R.Senthil Ramanan, Head BM L&H, Swiss Re, Bangaluru. Mr.Phanesh, Head BM L&H, Swiss Re, Bangaluru. Mr.S.Maniandan, Asst.Vice president, , Swiss Re, Bangaluru
2017-10-05 Poisson process and Queuing system Actuarial scienceWorkshopDr. G. Stephen Vincent, Retd. Professor.
2017-10-05BootFete 2K17Computer ApplicationsInter-college IT Meet for PG Students
2017-10-04Life and Health ContingenciesActuarial scienceWorkshopMr. Raja lingam, AAO, LIC of India.
2017-10-04 Markov Jump process Actuarial scienceWorkshopMr. Raja lingam, AAO, LIC of India.
2017-10-04Human Values and Health care Zoology Graduation Day for DAMLT students Dr. Rohini Stephen, Gynaecologist, Stephen Nursing Home, Trichy
2017-09-27Mental Health practice in AustraliaSocial WorkInteraction with AlumniMr. RAJESH Australia
2017-09-26Creations 2k17Computer ApplicationsInter-college IT Meet for UG Students
2017-09-23Probability distributionActuarial scienceWorkshopDr. G. Stephen Vincent, Retd. Professor.
2017-09-22CatharsisSocial WorkInter Collegiate National Cultural Meet,Ms. OLGA B. ARRON Founder, Bravoh Movement, Chennai Mr. SENTHIL KUMAR Chairman Helikx open School and Learning Centre , Salem
2017-09-21FESTOHIT 2k17Information TechnologyState Level Technical Symposium Mr.Rajiv Dhanasekeran,Director & Project Lead, Fervidous Software Solution,Chennai
2017-09-18FIRMA 2017Management StudiesNATIONAL LEVEL PG MANAGEMENT MEETMr.P.John Vimal
2017-09-16No Vehicle DayEnvironmental ScienceAwareness on Save Ozone Layer (World Ozone Day)Our teachers, students and non-teaching staff were participated
2017-09-12TYRO 2017Management StudiesSTATE LEVEL UG MANAGEMENT MEETMrs.N.Kamakshi Priya & Ms.S.Manju Bharathi
2017-09-07Radioprotection and anticancer activity of nanocurmin and green tea nanoparticles in cancer cell linesBiotechnologyInternational Conference on Frontiers in Nano- biotechnology (ICFNB'17)Dr. R. Paulraj, Associate Professor, School of Environmental Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.
2017-09-01Professional Social Work in the Globalized Era: Issues and Challenges in an Indian PerspectiveSocial WorkNational ConferenceDr. PAUL AQUINAS Associate Professor Department of Social Work Mangalore University, Manngalangothri, Dr. K. SEKAR Professor and Registrar NIMHANS, Bangalore
2017-08-26Technical QuizInformation TechnologyInterdept QuizMr.Lovelin Ponn Felciah,Asst Professor(CA),Bishop Heber College
2017-08-23Recent Trends in India: Relations with East and South Asian CountriesHistory National Level Workshop (Sponsored by UGC) Dr. Lawrence S. Prabhakar Williams, Associate Professor, Madras Christian College. Dr. S. Babu, Associate Professor & Head, Avvaiyar Government Arts College, Pondicherry. Dr. C. Thomas, Associate Professor (Rtd), EVR Periyar College, Tiruchirappalli. Dr. R.D. Pavamana, Assistant Professor, University of Mysore, Karnataka. Dr. M. Kennedy Stephenson Vaseekaran, Associate professor, University of Madras. Dr. D. Julius Vijayakumar, Associate Professor, TBML College, Poraiyar. Dr.P. Ramajayam, Assistant Professor, Bharathidasan University. Mr. Vinoth Vincent Rajesh, Assistant Professor, Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Tirunelveli.
2017-08-23Ethical HackingInformation TechnologySeminar to M.Sc.(IT)Mr.S.Vivek,Managing Director,Ozone Cyber Security,Eranakulam,Kerala
2017-08-20 Gift of Literature Guest LectureEnglishUG and PG and M.Phil. StudentsDr. Roopkumar Balasingh (Professor Emeritus and Former Head, Department of English, Bishop Heber College, Trichy)
2017-08-09Achieving SignificanceSocial WorkAspiration ProgrammeMr. ROBERT Social Activist Australia
2017-08-07CAMPUS TO CORPORATEManagement StudiesWORKSHOP FOR BBA STUDENTSMr.P.Ramraj & Mr.A.Giftson Mathew Vincent
2017-08-06DRAMA FEST 17EnglishInterdepartmental Play Enactment Competitions for UG and PG studentsDr. K. Ganesan (Head, Department of English, Madras Christian College, Tambaram, Chennai).
2017-08-06Effective Communication in EnglishEnglishGuest Lecture for UG & PGDr. Samuel Rufus (Assistant Professor, Department of English, Madras Christian College, Tambaram, Chennai).
2017-08-04 STEM CELLS: Possibilities and Potentials Biotechnology Special Lecture Dr. P. Ramachandran Director/Consultant Trichy Institute of Regenerative Medicine Thillainagar, Trichy-18
2017-08-04CONFLUENCE 17EnglishIntradepartmental Literary Competitions for UG and PG studentsDr. A.S.D. Pillai (Former Vice Principal, St. Joseph’s College(Autonomous), Trichy-2
2017-08-03Recent Development in the field of Information TechnologyInformation TechnologyAssociation Inauguration Dr.M.Balamurugan, Associate Professor,Department of Computer Science,Bharathidasan University
2017-07-28Street TheatreSocial WorkLife SkillDr. M. VINOTHRAN Assistant Professor Department of Performing Arts Bharathidasan University
2017-07-25Stem Cells and its role in Regenerative MedicineZoologyZoology Association Inauguration Dr.P. Ramachandran, M.S., M.Ch., Consultant Plastic, Reconstructive Surgeon, Head – Stem Cell Research, Trichy Medical Centre Hospitals, Trichy
2017-07-19GST: Impact & ImplicationsEconomicsInaugural MeetingDr.B.Balamurugan,Asst. Professor in Economics, H.H. The Raja s College,Pudukottai
2017-07-13Pain or PleasureBiotechnologyInauguration of HELIX Association Dr. D. Jeyakar Chellaraj Former Principal i/c, Bishop Heber College (Autonomous), Tiruchirappalli -620 017
2017-07-12Inauguration of Social Work AssociationSocial WorkAssociation ProgrammeDr. Z. ANNIE VIJAYA IPS Superintendent of Police Southern Railway Tiruchirappalli
2017-07-07Freshers DaySocial WorkWelcome Party
2017-05-06Workshop on CounsellingSocial WorkWorkshop
2017-03-21WINGS 17Zoology A state level Intercollegiate meet Inauguration: Mr.Swarnappan, District forest officer, Tamil Nadu Forest Department, Perambalur. Validiction: Dr. S. Mary Lily, M.D., Dean, K.A.P.V. Government Medical college and MGM Government Hospital
2017-03-16Entrepreneurial opportunitiesEconomicsValedictory FunctionDr.K.Kaliyamurthy,Assoc Professor & Head,PG & Research Department of Economics,Urumu Dhanalakshmi College,Trichy
2017-03-04Advance tools of molecular biology in Animal husbandry BiotechnologyBiofest 2016- An intercollegiate meetDr.R.Richard Jagatheesan Professor and Head Veterinary University Training and Research Institute , Tiruchirappalli
2017-03-04 Bridging the islands of Protein families in sequence space using artificial sequence BiotechnologyDST SERB Sponsored National Conference On Computational Analysis Of Molecular Data In Synergy With Biological Application(CAMB-17)Dr.N.Srinivasan Prof. in Molecular Biophysics Unit, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.
2017-02-07Implications of Biotechnology ZoologyWorkshopDr.Ganga, Assoc. Prof in Zoology, EVR College, Trichy.
2017-02-06 Molecular and Immunological Techniques ZoologyDBT STAR College sponsored two days WorkshopMr. Kalaiarasu Mr. Vijayan Senior Technicians, Medox, Chennai
2017-01-31Recent prospects and future promises of biotechnologyBiotechnologyTechnical Talk Mrs. Salma Sheriff Pearson University, Dubai
2017-01-04Capacity Building ProgrammeEconomicsSkill Development for III B.A.Economics StudentsDr.Prasanna, Assoc professor, Bharathidasan university,Trichy
2016-12-16CSIR- NET preparation ZoologyCSIR- NET Coaching class for PG studentsDr. F. Umamaheswari, Associate Professor,EVR College
2016-12-09Role of computation on the signature and reactivity of chemical speciesChemistrySeminarDr. MadhavanJaccob, Department of Chemistry , Loyola College, Chennai and Dr. R. Vijay Solomon, Department of Chemistry, Madras Christian College, Chennai
2016-10-06Health AwarenessZoologyGraduation Day for DAMLT students Dr. ShibuVarky, Regional Medical Director, Opthomologist, Vasan Eye Care, Trichy Zone
2016-10-01International Conference On Recent Trends In Business And FinanceCommerceConference
2016-09-23Microscale Analysis DemonstrationChemistryFaculty Enrichment ProgramProf. S. Murugan Former Head, Department of Chemistry S.T Hindu College, Nagerkovil
2016-09-07Exhibition(Two Days)Environmental Science1.Waste in to Wealth using Biogas production and vermicompost 2. Indoor Hanging Garden 3. Clean India (Smart country) 4. Importance of Biodiversity 5. The Robert Fire Killer 6.Tsunami Alarmin Dr. S. Parthasarthy, Associate Professor, Dept. of Bioinformatics, Bharathidasan university, Tiruchirappalli.
2016-08-26ECOLOGY OF ANTARCTICA Environmental ScienceSpecial Lecturer Dr. Orin Gelderloos, Professor of Biology and Environmental Studies, University of Michigan, Dearborn, Michigan, USA. Dr. D. Paul Dhayabaran, Principal, BHC
2016-08-19ENVIRONMENTAL ENTREPRENEURSHIPEnvironmental ScienceGuest LecturerDr. (Mrs.) Lalitha Asokan, CEO, Pioneer Quality Consultancy, Ajman, UAE Dr. P. Mariappan, Associate Professor in Mathematics and Coordinator, Dept. of Actuarial Science, BHC
2016-08-17Career Guidance ZoologyZoology Association meeting Mr. G. Kannan, Research Scholar, University of Twentee, Netherland
2016-08-09Transgenic bananaBiotechnology Begabung -2016 Dr.R.Thangavelu, Principal Scientist, Department of plant physiology, National Banana Research Institute, Tiruchirappalli
2016-08-05 Opportunity and prospects of research in Biotechnology among overseas BiotechnologyTechnical TalkMr.G.Kannan, University of Twente Netherland
2016-08-04MAKKAL TV Programme-KOTHU PAROTTA Environmental Science Dr. D. Rajaprabhu, Alumni of 1991 – 1993 batch of Environment Sciences.
2016-07-29Motivational talk on talentBiotechnologyTalentia -2017 Dr. Alagappa Moses, Head, Department of Environmental Sciences, Bishop Heber College, Tiruchirappalli
2016-07-22Chemical Ecology ZoologyZoology Association Inaugurationn Lecture Dr. Achiraman, UGC Research Awardee, Assistant Professor, Department of Environmental Biotechnology, Bharathidasan University
2016-07-20EMERGING CHEMICALS IN THE ENVIRONMENTEnvironmental ScienceBabu Rajendran, Director i/c, Council for colleges and Curriculum Development, Nodal Officer, Online Students’ Grievance Cell, Professor and Head, Dept. of Environmental Biotechnology, BARD University, Tiruchirappalli. Dr. F. Samuel Christopher, Vice-Principal, BHC
2016-07-19 Emerging trends in food Nanotechnology BiotechnologyInauguration of HELIX AssociationDr.C.Anandharamakrishnan, Director, IICPT(Indian Institute of Crop Processing Technology), Thanjavur
2016-06-29 ECOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES Environmental ScienceSpecial lectureProf. Christopher J. Paradise, Dept. of Biology and Environmental Studies, Davidson College, Davidson, NC, USA. Dr. A. Relton, Vice-Principal (SF), Associate Professor and Head, Dept. of Social Work, BHC.
2016-03-18 Envirovision 2016 Environmental ScienceStudents Annual Project Seminar and delivered a lecture on Environmental Literacy-Need of the Hour. Lt. Dr. N. D. Shrinithivihashini, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Environmental Management, BARD, Tiruchirappalli
2016-02-25Chemistry for Renewable Energy (ICCRE 2016) ChemistryInternational Conference
2016-02-25 Vectors and human diseasesZoologySpecial Lecture Dr.B.K. Tyagi FRES, FAZ, FISCD, FISBT. Scientist ‘G’, (Director) and Director in- charge, Center for Research in Medical Entomology. Indian Council of Medical Research, Min. of Health & F.W., Govt of India
2016-01-20Inauguration of Virtual Lab(Alternative to animal experiments) ZoologyLecture Dr. Akbarsha,Director, Mahathma Gandhi DorenCamp Center,Bharathidasan University.
0000-00-00Changing perspective of Government in Indian EconomyEconomicsInaugural MeetingDr.G.Iruthayaraj, Assoc Professor of Eco, St.Joseph College
0000-00-00Counseling WorkshopEnriching CounselingAnugraha Institute of Social Science, Dindugal