The Deanery of Extension Activities is solely responsible for all the extension and social concern and outreach activities carried out by the college. The deanery functions on domains:
(a) with the students through Part V Clubs,
(b) with community through adoption of 23 villages and
(c) with the management through accomplishing the requirements of UGC and NAAC.

There are 30 Part V clubs which work for and through students. At the student level, the clubs engage the students with various activities based on the focal themes of the respective clubs, besides moulding their personality and refining their inter-personal skills and inculcate the value of servicing the needy. The clubs also provide manpower in organizing programmes of the College, Government and Non-Governmental organisations.

At the community level, the Deanery has adopted 23 the villages which come under Eight Panchayats namely, Navalur Kuttapattu, Ariyavur, KumaraVayalur, Palur, Allur, Pothavur, Andhanalur and Kodiyalam based. The villages mostly are underdeveloped and deserves special attention, attract minimal or meagre support from the government and there is no notable involvement of voluntary or community-based organizations. The important target groups are women, children, youth and elderly apart from the community members as a whole. Major emphasis is given on water and sanitation, creating awareness on human rights, welfare schemes, developing sustainable livelihoods and promoting green initiatives.

The Deanery makes sure that the members of 30 different clubs with nearly 6000 Students every year are actively involved in their service to the society, spearheaded by Dean, two Associate Deans along with one full time and two part time Extension officers who are appointed by the College management for continuous monitoring and execution of the extension activities exclusively. Generally, the programmes are organized with the financial support from the College Management and sometimes the clubs also raise funds from local resources. The Deanery, attempts to implement continuous and long-term programmes by adopting five-pronged approaches:

  • Creating employment and sustainable livelihood opportunities,
  • Promotion of health,
  • Ensuring educational and infrastructural support,
  • Green initiatives and
  • Service learning.

  • The future programmes will focus on skill training for both women and youth, medical care facilities for women, children and elderly persons; special concentration will be given on school students who will be provided with educational kits. Participation of students in extending services to the village community would be ensured with the active involvement of Part V Coordinators.

    The Deanery also works in coordination with the Trichy Corporation and other State and Central Government Departments extending its service to Swacch Bharat Campaign and Unnat Bharat Abhiyan. Our College is a participating Institute of Unnat Bharat Abhiyan (UBA) sponsored by MHRD, Government of India. Under UBA, five villages are adopted to carry out developmental works under the themes such as Organic Farming, Water Management, Renewable Energy, Artisans, Industries, Livelihood and Basic Amenities.

    Apart from gaining knowledge from within the four walls of the class room, students get a lot of opportunities to develop their communication skills, soft skills, organizing skills and interpersonal skills. They also get opportunities to serve the village communities in the adopted villages and thus contributing their mite to build the architecture of an inclusive India. While the academic activities train the minds of the students, the Extension Activities train the hearts of the students and when they leave the portals of the College they leave as complete human beings with whole person education.

    The College has adopted Kumara Vayalur as Model Village and CSI Primary School, Kalnayakan Street as Model School. As a part of Model School concept, a facelift is given to the school in ambience by providing RO Water Purifier, Smart Class, Solar powered Lightings with Power Backups through Invertor, Tree Guards, First Aid Kit, Dustbins etc.,

    The Deanery has also established a centre of excellence namely Heber Rural and Sustainable Development Centre.

    The HRSDC is a unit functioning under Deanery of Extension Activities in collaboration with Department of Botany and Zoology. HRSDC is established inside the CSI Retreat center, located in the river banks of Cauvery at Murungappettai around 10 kms from BHC main campus. The center will act as an incubation cum outbound learning unit for the students of BHC and other Institutions with provisions for taking up internship and skill development training for entrepreneurship development and will also provide sustainable livelihood training to the Rural community from adapted Villages of Bishop Heber College, under the Deanery of Extension Activities. The power supply for the center is exclusively obtained from the Hybrid (Solar and Wind) renewable energy unit which supplies energy to the lightings and the irrigation/ fertigation facility for Horticultural crops.


    Reaching the Unreached : Changing lives


    The Deanery of Extension Activities in Bishop Heber college aims in enabling, empowering and enriching students / volunteers to inculcate Social Responsibility and learning by doing service approach (Service Learning), which is essential for any professional to flourish in his or her job. The Extension activities incorporates multiple dimensions to groom overall Personality and to create awareness on Social issues prevailing in the communities. Its prime objective is to raise the standards of living of the Rural People by helping them in improving livelihood and right use of their resources sustainably. It also helps to identify the needs and problems of the Society and involve and enable them in problem solving process. Further to develop aptitude to meet emergencies and natural disasters/calamities and to practice National Integration and Social Harmony.

    Deanery of Extension Activities Policy

    • All UG First Year students should enroll in anyone of the 30 Part-V Clubs after their admission in the Degree Programme/
    • If a student gets direct admission in UG Second Year, He / She should enroll in anyone of the Part-V Clubs.
    • Once the Club is allotted, a student should work a minimum of 40 Hours per year in his / her Club and should totally to a minimum of 80 hours at the end of UG Second Year in order to get the Degree on the completion of the Programme.
    • Clubs will be allotted to Students, according to the number of seats available in the respective Clubs.
    • Once the Club is allotted, requests to change the club will not be entertained in any circumstances.
    • Only Indian Nationals are Eligible to enroll in NCC / NSS
    • Students who opt for NCC and NSS should attend the annual camp. Students who enroll in Nature Club should go for field trips.
    • Students should work only in the Clubs allotted to him/her. Marks will not be awarded to them if they work in any other club
    • If a student fails to meet a minimum requirement of 80 working hours in his / her club at the end of the Fourth Semester in the Second Year, he / She should re-do the Club Activities in the Final Year.
    • To re-do Part-V Club activities in the Final Year, a student should apply in a prescribed form after paying the stipulated fee in the College Office on or before 31st July of every academic year.
    • If a Students fails in Part-V in the Final Year, he/ she can re-do the Part-V activities only in the next academic year after paying the requisite fee in the College Office.
    • The results will be published only in the sixth semester.
    • Students should regularly see the Notice Boards / WhatsApp groups and Google Classrooms for their Club’s Activities.
    • Students are advised to be in constant touch with their Club Coordinators to know about the Club’s activities.
    • Degree will not be awarded to those students who fail in the Part-V Club activities
    • For further details, students can contact the Deanery of Extension Activities
    • Service Day is celebrated every year to recognize the services rendered by all the Part V Clubs, Coordinators and Student Volunteers.
    • Best Club Awards are awarded to Clubs whose Services are at par with Excellence.

    Part V Clubs

    Special Programme


    Syndicate of Deanery

    • Dr.V.Anand Gideon
      Head, Dept of Botany

    • Dr.M.Gabriel
      Assoicate Professor, Dept. of Social Work
      Associate Dean,

    • Dr.R.M.Sam Deva Asir
      Assistant Professor of Social Work
      Associate Dean

    • Dr.J.Nelson

      Extension Officer

    • Dr.R.Ravi

      Extension Officer (Part-Time)

    • Dr.K.Rajesh Kumar

      Extension Officer (Part-Time)

    Contact Address

    • Deanery of Extension Activities
    • Bishop Heber College
    • Puthur
    • Tiruchirappalli-620017

    • Email:dean.ea@bhc.edu.in
    • Phone: 0431-2770136