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The Heber Analytical Instrumentation Facility (HAIF) has been established at Bishop Heber College to impart quality higher education and conduct advanced research. The college has received the grants from UGC, DST SERB, DBT, DST FIST and MOFPI New Delhi to augment the facilities of the Science Departments and the common instrumentation centre. The centre is equipped with sophisticated Analytical equipment’s that facilitates students and researchers of Bishop Heber College, other academic institutions and industries. The following are the list of equipment’s available in HAIF for research.

Name of the Instrument Make/Model
1.X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) (with SAXS attachment for liquid and nano powder samples) PANalytical/ X Pert3 Powder
2. Thin Film Deposition (Electron Beam Evaporation) HHV/ Auto 306
3. Gas Chromatography –Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS) SHIMADZU/ QP2020
4. Spectro Fluorophotometer SHIMADZU/ RF 6000
5. UV - Visible Spectrophotometer SHIMADZU/ UV 2600
6. Electrochemical Analyzer (Aqueous/ Non- Aqueous/ Polarization and Impedance) CH/ CHI608E
7. Digital Source Meter (For high resistance measurements)

Contact Person

The Co-Ordinator
Heber Analytical Instrumentation Facility
Bishop Heber College
Email id:
For GC-MS and CV - 9843444031
For XRD, PL and EBM - 9789257269
For Fermentor and Antimicrobial activity Test - 7871468672
For UV - 9710156483
For ELISA Reader - 9942622443