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Association Report / Annual Report

Workshop / Conference / Seminar / FDP / SDP Organized

Event Date Event
Online Chess Tournament- Gallery 29/11/2020 Association Event
Parent – Teachers Meet- Gallery 7/12/2020 Association Event
National Science Day- Gallery 27/2/2021 Association Event
Alumni Meet- Gallery 21/3/2021 Association Event
International Conference on Intelligent and Computing Systems- Gallery 22/3/2021 Conference
Faculty Development Program meeting on Novel Tool for Online Teaching- Gallery 25/7/2020 Faculty Development programme (FDP)
Industrial Visit- Gallery 26/2/2021 Industrial visit
School Adoption and visit- Gallery 23/12/2020 Outreach activitiess
Addressing the local Issue- Gallery 1/3/2021 Outreach activitiess
Civil service Examination Training Program- Gallery 19/11/2020 Skill Development Programme (SDP)
Soft Skills for Corporate Success- Gallery 23/11/2020 Skill Development Programme (SDP)
Heber Innovata 2021[Science Exhibition]- Gallery 21/1/2021 Skill Development Programme (SDP)
Breast Cancer Awareness- Gallery 21/10/2020 Webinar
Workshop for Non-Teaching Staff- Gallery 27/1/2021 Workshop
IoT Workshop for students- Gallery 1/2/2021 Workshop