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Workshop / Conference / Seminar / FDP / SDP Organized

Event Date Event
Project Expo- Gallery 26/3/2021 Association Event
UGC NET COACHING CLASS- Gallery 1/2/2021 Association Event
HITECH 2K19- Gallery 7/3/2019 Association Event
CHITS 2K17 - A Symposium- Gallery 9/3/2017 Association Event
Boot Fest 2K17- Gallery 15/3/2017 Association Event
CS Association Inauguration- Gallery 2/8/2019 Association Event
HITECH Technical Symposium- Gallery 7/3/2019 Association Event
Parents Teachers Meet- Gallery 10/2/2021 Association Event
CS Association Inauguration- Gallery 9/8/2019 Association Event
TECH-TALK ON BIO-MEDICAL INSTRUMENTS - Gallery 9/8/2019 Association Event
INTRA-DEPARTMENT TECH COLLOQUIUM- Gallery 7/10/2019 Association Event
CS Association Inauguration- Gallery 23/8/2018 Association Event
ACM Member meet- Gallery 23/1/2019 Association Event
ACM Student chapter meet for summer school- Gallery 19/2/2019 Association Event
Aws Innovate Online Conference - Machine learning and augmented reality - Gallery 19/7/2018 Conference
Boot Fest 2K19-Techinical Symposium- Gallery 11/10/2019 Outreach activitiess
Developing Regional Harmony with Economically Backward Community- Gallery 11/2/2021 Outreach activitiess
Seminar MOOC- Gallery 22/8/2016 Seminar
Mobile App Development- Gallery 7/10/2016 Seminar
Soaring High- Gallery 6/1/2017 Seminar
Seminar on Interview Skills- Gallery 22/9/2016 Seminar
Seminar on Self-Esteem- Gallery 4/3/2020 Seminar
Seminar on Motivational Speech- Gallery 26/9/2019 Seminar
Skill Based seminar on Leadership- Gallery 5/3/2020 Seminar
Seminar on Insight on Photoshop- Gallery 10/12/2018 Seminar
Seminar on Throwing Lights on Testing- Gallery 3/12/2018 Seminar
Seminar on Mobile Application Development- Gallery 23/8/2016 Seminar
Seminar on Career Guidance- Gallery 22/7/2016 Seminar
Seminar on Internet of Things- Gallery 18/8/2016 Seminar
WIPRO TALK “TRENDS IN DATA ANALYTICS”- Gallery 5/10/2019 Seminar
EXPERIENTIAL SHARING- Gallery 21/1/2020 Seminar
Database Systems and Cyber Security- Gallery 13/12/2018 Seminar
Winways - seminar on uses of Linux - Gallery 24/1/2019 Seminar
DEMESTIFYING DATA SCIENCE- Gallery 30/8/2018 Seminar
Seminar on Machine Learning- Gallery 3/7/2018 Seminar
Seminar on Need for Certification - Gallery 11/9/2018 Seminar
Data Exploration Using Python - Gallery 3/1/2019 Seminar
Redhat Installation - Gallery 24/1/2019 Seminar
Project Planning- Gallery 16/12/2019 Seminar
Inaugural of Certification Course on Full Stack Development using .NET- Gallery 17/3/2021 Skill Development Programme (SDP)
Virtual Induction Programme on Employability Skills- Gallery 29/3/2021 Skill Development Programme (SDP)
Online Value-Added Course - Adobe Photoshop for Beginners- Gallery 10/5/2021 Skill Development Programme (SDP)
Behavioral Skill and Personality Development- Gallery 11/11/2020 Webinar
Geo-localized Food Price Time Series Knowledge Base analysis- Gallery 23/8/2018 Webinar
Webinar on ACM Enterprise AI - Gallery 2/2/2019 Webinar
Interaction With Foreign Faculty - Gallery 30/1/2020 Webinar
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning- Gallery 5/2/2021 Webinar
IOT smart home application using node MCU with google voice assistant- Gallery 5/3/2021 Workshop
Workshop on IOT- Gallery 9/1/2019 Workshop
Workshop on Web Hosting- Gallery 1/2/2019 Workshop
Mock Interview for Final Year Students- Gallery 4/2/2019 Workshop
Improving Employability Skills- Gallery 20/9/2018 Workshop
Training programme on Project Proposal - Gallery 13/12/2019 Workshop
Workshop on Firewall Configuration- Gallery 7/2/2020 Workshop