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Workshop / Conference / Seminar / FDP / SDP Organized

Event Date Event
First alumni meet- Gallery 26/1/2021 Association Event
Gender equity- Gallery 4/3/2021 Association Event
Alumni Meeting - Grand Reunion- Gallery 30/3/2022 Association Event
Intradepartmental Competition- Gallery 7/3/2021 Association Event
Content on Sports Event- Gallery 20/3/2021 Association Event
Food and Nutrition Association Inauguration- Gallery 2/9/2021 Association Event
Transit - Bridge Course for I B.Sc Nutrition and Dietetics- Gallery 29/7/2022 Association Event
Induction Programme for I M.Sc Food Science and Nutrition Students- Gallery 1/8/2022 Association Event
National Breastfeeding Awareness Week " Intradepartmental Competition"- Gallery 5/8/2022 Association Event
Walkathon- Gallery 6/8/2022 Association Event
Food Festival - 2022- Gallery 7/8/2022 Association Event
Signing Campaign- Gallery 5/8/2022 Association Event
Association Inauguration- Gallery 18/8/2022 Association Event
All India Radio Special Show on the topic "Importance of Millets"- Gallery 6/9/2022 Association Event
Emerging trend, growth, opportunities and future of food processing sectors- Gallery 27/11/2020 Conference
Two Day Capacity Building International Webinar on "Food-Genome Interface - Gallery 2/12/2021 Conference
FDP on Equipment Handling- Gallery 16/7/2021 Faculty Development programme (FDP)
Hands on Training on Handling of Equipments- Gallery 23/7/2021 Faculty Development programme (FDP)
Hands on Training on Handling of Equipment- Gallery 11/10/2021 Faculty Development programme (FDP)
Christmas outreach to Anbalayam- Gallery 15/12/2021 Outreach activitiess
Free Health Screening Camp with CSI Mission General Hospital- Gallery 3/9/2021 Outreach activitiess
Training Programme for the Parents of Children with Special Needs- Gallery 24/11/2021 Outreach activitiess
Nutrition Awareness Programme for Patients of Sundaram Hospital- Gallery 1/9/2022 Outreach activitiess
Health Camp @ Podavur Village- Gallery 4/9/2022 Outreach activitiess
Management of Diet in Post Covid Scenario- Gallery 29/7/2021 Seminar
Entrepreneurship Development Programme- Gallery 18/8/2022 Skill Development Programme (SDP)
Food Exhibition- Gallery 23/9/2023 Skill Development Programme (SDP)
Noble & Healthy Millet Products for All Walks of Life & Age Groups- Gallery 23/9/2023 Skill Development Programme (SDP)
Millets: Key to Food and Nutritional Security for the past, present and Future- Gallery 22/9/2023 Skill Development Programme (SDP)
Prevention of Cervical Cancer- Gallery 8/1/2021 Webinar
Lifestyle for a Healthy Heart- Gallery 7/10/2020 Webinar
Early detection can help save lives -breast cancer awareness- Gallery 27/10/2020 Webinar
Immunity boosters for COVID-19 - lecture by dietitian Gomathy Gowthaman- Gallery 20/5/2020 Webinar
Feeding techniques in hospitals- Gallery 22/1/2021 Webinar
Thyroid and your health and Medical nutrition therapy in thyroid disorders- Gallery 22/2/2021 Webinar
Future of sports nutrition- Gallery 22/9/2020 Webinar
Nutrition Month Webinar- Gallery 18/9/2020 Webinar
Innovation Technologies for Food Security & Inauguration of Food and Nutrition Association Activities (2020-2021)- Gallery 16/10/2020 Webinar
Breastfeeding Week Celebration- Gallery 9/8/2021 Webinar
Soaring to Reach Greater Heights- Gallery 12/8/2021 Webinar
Common Problems of the Elderly- Gallery 19/8/2021 Webinar
Food for Thoughts- Gallery 23/9/2021 Webinar
Future Prospects For Food and Nutrition Graduates- Gallery 13/10/2021 Webinar
Breast Cancer Awareness Month"What you should know about Breast Cancer"- Gallery 26/10/2021 Webinar
Ideal Diet for Diabetes- Gallery 19/11/2021 Webinar
National Breastfeeding Awareness Week Webinar on " Breastfeeding - An Unspoken Language"- Gallery 4/8/2022 Webinar
Orientation Programme on "Career Guidance- What Next After Degree"- Gallery 18/8/2022 Workshop