Department of Environmental Sciences

Since 1984

3 Programmes
9 Faculty
120 Students
103 Publications


Environmental Science is a multi-disciplinary endeavour incorporating natural and social sciences in the study of man's relationship with air, water, and soil and with fellow humans and other forms of life. With indiscriminate growth and development, the impact has visibly disturbed the environmental, social and economic aspects of the society. These gave rise to the need of alleviating environmental degradation and realizing the concepts of environmental conservation and sustainable development. With the purpose of learning and providing solutions, Bishop Heber College started the Post Graduate Department of Environmental Sciences in the year 1984.

Situated in an aesthetically landscaped campus with architecturally designed buildings, the Post Graduate Department of Environmental Sciences was started with a mission to ensure Environmental Sustainability. This unique pioneer programme in South India is an interdisciplinary course involving the disciplines of Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Biotechnology, Mathematics and Computer Science. Sensing the essentials of research, it was upgraded to a research department in 1990.

To gratify the demands from industrial sectors, add on courses including PG Diploma in Industrial Safety & Occupational Health, PG Diploma in Integrated Solid Waste Management and Certificate Programme in Industrial Safety & Hygiene were introduced in parallel with the main courses. The department has started to offer graduation in Environmental Science since 2018 so as to compete in various fields for the post graduates by inclusion of current needs and specializations.


Envisions to accomplish academic and professional excellence through holistic Environmental Science Education, ignite young minds, foster ethical attitude, nurture mutual love and compassion towards nature, and empower them to take up a promising career to create and contribute to the Nation and ultimately to environmental sustainability.


  • Impart World-Class Education through Scientific and Inter-disciplinary propensity, and create passion for Environment through well-designed curriculum and dedicated teaching.
  • Inculcate principles of environmental stewardship by experiential learning and instil the aptitude and attitude for cutting-edge research in multifarious fields of environment.
  • Promote holistic development by fostering environmental, ethical and social values and building scientific, communicative and leadership qualities with competency to face the Global Environmental Challenges
  • Nurture self-motivated, life-long learning environmentalists and environmental entrepreneurs in partnership with academia, industry, community, governmental and non-governmental organizations for achieving sustainable development goals

Programmes & Certificate Courses Offered


  • B.Sc. (Environmental Sciences)
  • M.Sc. (Environmental Sciences)
  • Ph.D. (Environmental Sciences) [Full-time & Part-time]

Diploma Programme

  • PG Diploma in Industrial Safety & Occupational Health
  • PG Diploma in Integrated Solid Waste Management

Certificate Programme

  • Certificate Programme in Industrial Safety & Hygiene

Best Practices of the Department

  • Practice School Concept
    Experiential student-centred leaning regarding ecology, biodiversity, environment, industrial processes, waste management and assessing environmental parameters in the fields.
  • No Drive Day
    Initiating to observe 'No Drive Day' for sensitizing on 'reducing carbon footprint and combating climate change' to campus inmates and monitoring the environmental parameters and publishing the outcomes.
  • Field visits
    Real and first-hand experience of different Industries & ecosystems to comprehend and evaluate the concepts and functions.
  • Internship
    Pre career factual exposure to develop the skill of evaluation, documentation and grasping the real work situations.


  • Dr.Daisy Caroline Mary
  • Assistant Professor & Head (Aided)
  • Bishop Heber College, Trichy-17
  • Telephone: +91 431 27711036 Extn. 253