Department of Food and Nutrition

Since 2017

2 Programmes
8 Faculty
185 Students
2 Publications


In today’s world the most compelling and imperative factor of health is food, either healthy food or diet food. Nutrition and Dietetics is a science which involves the chemistry of food and biology of the body and the correlation between food and the body. The students, in the process of studying nutrition, study human physiology, nutritional biochemistry, food chemistry, food microbiology, which are the basics behind good diet and ultimately the cornerstone of good health. Nutrition has become a major concern of our country. “Healthy food for all” is the motto of WHO and our country too. Nutritionists and Food Scientists play a major role in the socioeconomic development of a country. The students of the department are commissioned to take up practical internships at hospitals and food industries where they are given training. The Undergraduate programme in Nutrition & Dietetics was introduced in the year 2017 under self-financed stream and PG Programme in Food Science & Nutrition was introduced in the year 2020.

Diet therapy and its applications in patient related setting is a major focus of dietetics. Diet plays a major role in promotion of health and well being of individual. A good and balanced diet habit improves the quality of life, while poor diet may lead to morbidity and diseases.


The department encompasses a team of highly-efficient and well-qualified teaching faculty with good experience in teaching and research. The research expertise among the faculty members is distinct and diverse. The quality and reputation of the faculty members are reflected in their publication of research papers and books, projects undertaken and patents registered. In addition, they share their expertise in different capacities.

Scope of the Programme

    • Nutritionist in health clinics, fitness centres
    • Dietician in hospitals
    • Sports Nutritionist /Public Health Nutritionist
    • Child Development Project Officer
    • Technical Labelling Analyst
    • Food Analyst /Food Auditor
    • Food and Diet Consultant
    • Food Production Manager /Quality assurance manager / supervisor
    • Product development manager / officer /scientist
    • Academics-Teaching in schools / Colleges /
    • Medical Coder /content writer
    • Food Processing Manager
    • Food Safety officer / Consultancies / Food Inspectors Govt. sectors
    • FSSAI Consultant
    • Competitive exams (CDPO/ Assistant Director/ NET/SLET)
    • job scopes in various medicinal and food industry firms that are into manufacturing packaged food


The department seeks to function with mutual love, social commitment to educate and engage students in research and extension activities to serve the community


  • Provide opportunity to students to realize their potential in the broad and diverse domains of Food, Nutrition and Dietetics through teaching, innovation, training, research & mentorship on how nutrients impact human health and disease.
  • Provide opportunities to students to master communication Skills that prepares students for supervised practice through internships and extension activities leading to be a professional dieticians providing service to consumer, professional, governmental and local community.
  • Transform the academic knowledge obtained to social benefits, thus helping the nation in eradication of malnutrition and improving the quality of life of citizens.
  • • Achieve academic excellence in the area of food and nutrition, making them full-fledged professionals in the area of research, teaching, clinical and community nutrition, dietetics, food processing and food safety and quality control.

Programmes & Certificate Courses Offered


  • B.Sc., (Nutrition and Dietetics)
  • M.Sc., (Food Science and Nutrition)

Certificate Programmes

  • Certificate Course in Baking and Confectionery
  • Certificate Course in Food Perservation

Best Practices of the Department

  • Hospital dietary internship is being provided to students of B.Sc. Nutrition and Dietetics and M.Sc. Food Science and Nutrition in reputed hospitals as a part of curriculum.
  • Internship at food industry organized to all students of M.Sc. Food Science and Nutrition.
  • Certificate/value-added courses are being offered to the students.
  • All students encouraged to enroll and complete courses in Swayam, NTPEL, and IGNOU.
  • Invited lectures by doctors and industry people organized periodically.
  • Parent teacher meeting done each year and active interaction with parents.
  • Bridge courses are done for the freshers
  • Newspaper displayed on department notice board.
  • Community nutrition programmes done regularly by the students.
  • Special days with regards to nutrition and health being followed in the department regularly with invited lectures, awareness programmes and competitions for students.
  • Experimental learning done with live demonstrations and hands-on training.
  • Department publishes E news letter
  • Student representatives are appointed as office bearers for conducting dept association activities
  • Functional MOUs signed with Fisheries University and National Research Center for Banana.


  • Mrs.C.Roselin
  • Coordinator, PG Department of Food and Nutrition
  • Bishop Heber College, Trichy-17
  • Telephone: +91 431 27711036 Extn.