To impart an inclusive Physical Education to foster sportsmanship, competitiveness and awareness of well- being among the youth and make a significant contribution to the creation of a healthy Nation.


To improve the Holistic development of the youth and hone the sports skills of the students through expert training and competitions at all levels.


  • Cricket Ground cum 200Mts track(1 no.)
  • Cricket Nets(4 nos.)
  • Football Field(1 no.)
  • Ball Badminton Court(2 nos.)
  • Badminton Court(5 nos.)
  • Floodlit Volleyball Court(1 no.)
  • Volleyball Court(2 nos.)

  • Floodlit Basketball Court(1 no.)
  • Kabaddi Courts(2 nos.)
  • Kho-Kho(1 no.)
  • Handball(1 no.)
  • Indoor Sports Hall (Table Tennis, Chess, Wt. Trg)(1 no.)
  • Fitness Center(1 no.)
  • Tennis Court
  • Indoor stadium

Fitness Centre

Our Indoor/Outdoor Games

  • Cycling
  • Archery
  • Chess (Men &Women)
  • Cross Country
  • Swimming(Men & Women)
  • Cricket
  • Ball Badminton(Men & Women)
  • Badminton(Men & Women)
  • Table Tennis(Men & Women)
  • Basketball (Men &Women)

  • Kabaddi
  • Hockey
  • Volleyball(Men & Women)
  • Boxing
  • Football(Men & Women)
  • Tennis (Men & Women)
  • Athletics (Men & Women)
  • Wt .Lift. P. Lift. & Best physique
  • Handball
  • Netball(Men & Women)

Award for Best Outgoing Sportsmans

Awards for best outgoing sportsman one in U.G. and one in P.G is presented in the college day celebrations.

Annual Sports Felicitation Day

In order to appreciate and honor outstanding achievements in sports, Annual Sports Felicitation Day is celebrated every year from 2009 in which sports achievers are honored.

Heber Academy

With the view to impart quality training to the aspiring school students Heber cricket academy and Heber Chess academy is run by the Department in which a number of school students have enrolled and are getting coaching from experts.

Summer coaching camps

Every year summer coaching camps are conducted in the games like football basketball and chess for both boys and girls free of cost for a period of three weeks.

Rural sports

In order to encourage and identify potential rural students in sports, tournaments in the games like kabaddi are conducted among village students every year.

Tennis courts

Tennis is a popular game but the Students have rare chance to learn and play the game since very few tennis courts are available in the city and the fees is also very high. Keeping this in mind two tennis courts are constructed and thrown open for the school students to learn and play the game

Part time jobs

Poor sportsmen are helped to find part time jobs in various companies through Sports Associations and Alumni to meet their financial needs.


Students are encouraged to obtain license for refereeing in various games as officiating these days are not only remunerative but also an activity that fetches lot of fame. Referee classes are arranged in the Department itself with the help of Referee Instructors from various State Associations, and the students are made to appear for the exams conducted by the Sports Federations. Number of students have become referees in soccer and cricket.

Sports Alumni Association

The Sports Alumni Association is formed by the past elite sports persons who meet on the Sports Alumni day and support a number of sports activities of the Department.

Health awareness

To create health awareness among staff and students, weighing machines, Digital Blood Pressure Monitor, Height Scale, Obesity Chart etc are made available to the staff and students enabling them to monitor their weight, blood pressure, obesity status etc.

As a social obligation, the public are permitted from 5.00 a.m to 7.00 a.m. every day for physical activities like walking, jogging etc. inside the college play field.



Director of Physical Education

Contact Person

Dr.Dr. A. PALRAJ M.A., M.P.Ed., Ph.D