Bishop Heber College

Heber Quiz Club


  • conducting various competitions (in and around the campus )
  • arranging special lectures
  • allotting responsibilities to the club members
  • assigning group projects
  • conducting general awareness quiz in the select adopted village


  • Sowing seeds of knowledge in young minds
  • Cultivating fledgling brains to cope with recent advancements
  • Enlightening the dark era of knowledge
  • Igniting moral values
  • Disseminating the spark of information to the uncultivated land of pupils



  • Emboldening pupils to participate in various competitions
  • Developing life skills through multiple activities
  • Giving exposures to students to understand the knowledge-driven world
  • Tuning the focus of students from knowledge to wisdom
  • Tapping the utmost potentials from students to chase "the knowledge"


Knowledge is asset; asset is knowledge


  • Dr. S. P. Ruth Rajathi,
    Assistant Professor,Dept of English

  • Mr. M. Dhanasekaran,
    Assistant Professor,Dept of English
    Asst. Co-ordinator