Bishop heber College - Department

The primary goal of computer Applications is to provide students the foundations for future work and career in computation-based problem solving. These foundations support both a successful career path in computing as well as providing appropriate qualifications for further degree work in computation related disciplines. The programme also emphasizes development of analytical skills, acquisition of knowledge and understanding of systems, languages and tools required for effective computation-based problem solving.

The courses offered in this programme provide a broad base to the students who end their studies with the bachelor’s degree can continue to acquire new skills, advance technologies and evolving professional workplace. It also strives to cultivate the sophistication and insights needed for further study at the graduate level. We accomplish these goals by framing our curriculum in the context of the requirements of the University.

The objective of Bachelor of Computer Application is to prepare the students for the successful careers and gaining knowledge on advance technologies for their future graduations as well as for their work place. The objectives are.

  • Possess practical and theoretical knowledge of computer programming skill and software engineering which is sufficient to earn a living and contribute to the economic and social development.
  • Be prepared for advanced education and research in computer science and software development.
  • Understanding the professional ethics and responsibilities.
  • Interest in lifelong learning and to shape the evolving computer world.

Our goal is to provide an environment to attain expertise in theoretical foundations of core subjects and facilitate the students in strong practical training that enable them to develop and deploy the real world applications which covers Web and Mobile applications development. Graduates will be able to communicate their views about technologies effectively. Our goal includes in making the students mastering in management skills and emphasis the significance of entrepreneurship. Our curriculum insists the students to recognize their social responsibilities and encourages them in life-long learning.

  • To progress their career ability in software industry, academia, research, entrepreneurial pursuit, government, consulting firms and other Information Technology enabled services.
  • To achieve peer-recognition; as an individual or in a team; by adopting ethics and professionalism and communicate effectively to excel well in cross culture and inter-disciplinary teams.
  • To pursue life-long learning in computing that contributes in self and societal growth.
  • To develop graduates to contribute to research in their chosen area this helps the nation to grow.

The objectives of PGDCA to develop dynamic computer professionals in short time. The programme covers the basic aspects of Computer Applications. It also has projects for developing full software in various software languages along with real time environment.

  • To develop a successful career based on their understanding of formal and practical methods of Application Development using the concepts of computer programming, software and design principles.
  • To demonstrate analytical and design skills including the ability to generate creative solutions and foster team oriented, professionalism through effective communication in their careers.
  • To work efficiently with the challenges of a dynamic job environment.
  • To produce employee who are able to be an active participate in ICT related organization.