Since 1968

Programme Offered:
  • B.A. History
  • M.A. History
  • Ph.D. (History)[Part Time and Full-time]

Workshop / Seminar / Conference

2018-08-04 - History Association Inaugural Function, History Association Inauguration
2018-02-18 - Historical Research Methodology, National Level Workshop (Sponsored by ICHR)

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About Department

The Department of History is one of the oldest departments established under the able guidance of Dr. M. Sargurudoss, the first Principal and Professor of History in 1968 in Bishop Heber College. Since the inception, the emphasis on History was priority. Prof. S. Manickam, the famous historian, was one of the faculty members of the Department at the initial stage. The Department of History offers undergraduate, postgraduate and research programmes.

History education becomes fruitful, meaningful and goal-oriented,when opportunities are given to students to utilize their creative talents and the training given is meant to achieve academic excellence to enable them to play their legitimate roles in society. Restructuring of curriculum is aimed at encouraging the students to view their culture through perspective of time and change. Courses offered are meant to prepare the students not only for future studies in History, but also for careers in law, administration, foreign relations and teaching.

Our Vision

To promote quality education, character building and civic responsibilities through a combination of better curriculum, teaching and learning process and social interaction.

Our Mission

To strengthen historical understanding and research for real assessment of the present society and prediction of the future socio-political issues.

Contact Person

  • Dr. A. Rajendran, M.A., Ph.D.,
  • Associate Professor & Head, Department of History
  • Mobile:9786283648
  • Email: