St. Luke’s Church Pastorate Committee Members for the Biennium 2014 – 2016 With effect from 25.03.2014

Sno.NameMobile No.
1.Mr. A. Alagappa Moses9842490051
2.Dr. M. Anburaj9443207433
4.Mrs. Charlotte Sampoorani9486755386
5.Dr. Y. Dennison9894256377
6.Dr. C. Dhanabal9444736610
7.Mr. K. I. Dorai 9944645331
8.Mr. Ilam Vazhuthi9443504841
9.Dr. S. Isaiah9865275989
10.Dr. Jesudoss Manalan 9524969190
11.Dr. D .Paul Dhayabaran9790196151
12.Mr. D. P. Rajkumar9443727803
13.Dr. J. Ruby Priskilla 9360311038
14.Dr. Sam Gideon 9942137271
15.Mr. R. Stanley Mathiselvan 9443275386
16.Mr. M. Thiyagarajan 9443119781
17.Mrs. R. Vasanthi9443972614
18.Mrs. P. Violet Selvi9443702460


The following office bearers, members of the Diocesan Council and District Church Council were unanimously elected:

Office Bearers

a.Dr. S. Isaiah    :    Secretary

b. Mr. M. Thiagarajan    :    Treasurer

Diocesan Council Members

a. Dr. D. Paul Dhayabaran    :    Member I

b. Mrs. Charlotte Sampoorani    :    Member II

DCC Members

a. Dr. Y. Dennison    :    Member I

b. Mrs. R. Vasanthi    :    Member II

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