Dear Alumni,

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the alumni section of our website, where you can feel right at home. In this section, you can be active and engaged members of the community, reconnect with your classmates and keep up to date about alumni events.

I am tremendously proud of what you have all been accomplishing since leaving campus, and of how you “Heberians” have grown in the past few years. As you continue on your paths, fulfilling your potential and acting as ambassadors for Hebers’, I encourage you to think often on the mission laid down for the college and for you: to become leaders in the world, promoting peace and hope.

We look forward to your continued success.


Dr.Princy Merlin J
Bishop Heber College


Dear members of the Heberian family,

On behalf of the Office bearers of Alumni Association, Bishop Heber College it is my pleasure to extend a hearty welcome to you all to the portals of your Almamater. The Alumni Association, a registered professional body, looks forward to strengthening the bond amongst our Alumni, facilitating professional networking and enabling bonhomie amongst the Heberians, the outcome envisioned being the budding Heberians to be hand-holded, societal initiatives undertaken, and empowerment of one and all ensured.

This very aspiration of our Alumni Association to better connect with our fellow alumni becoming an Impactful reality is surely a cherished initiative that we look forward to, in all earnest. We believe we have lot to offer in terms of inspiration, mentorship and capacity building to the aspiring students of Heber, the effective feedback of ours would guarantee our college to attain greater milestones, gain laurels and win accolades a-many and set higher benchmarks.

We are hopeful that attainment of the envisioned objectives would ensure this initiative to serve as a platform where we can share ideas, discuss opportunities, and create connectivity aiding fullest attainment of the potentials inherent in the young minds, the aspiring budding students of Heber. We solicit your support in this regard. We believe that with your backing, we can connect with our alumni settled far and wide, get their buy-in and utilise their expertise to bring about the attainment of the mission, and the vision to expand our horizon beyond boundaries. Do render your helping hand in enabling this endeavour of us to be a reality. Let the Heberian spirit in us drive us to unite for this cause ! Looking forward to joining hands with you !!!

Dr.A.Umesh Samuel Jebaseelan

Illustrious Alumni

About Heber Alumni Cell

TRICHY BISHOP HEBER COLLEGE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION is registered under the Tamil Nadu societies Registration Act, 1975 (Tamil Nadu Act 27 of 1975) with Society No: 125 of 2021. The management envisions to facilitate the Alumni through interactions, financial aid, guidance, collaborative events, activities, project work, internship and placement.

Alumni Association of Bishop Heber College (Autonomous), Tiruchirappalli provides a platform for alumni to connect with the Almamater. It Conducts programs and activities to enhance the relationship between them and bridges students’ community as well. This Association helps in Mobilizing the Alumni for the betterment of institution through Alumni Chapters, Association Committees and individual contacts. In Addition, it contributes to the management and also recognizes their achievements in a better way. The Association enhances the sense of pride and commitment among the students.

The Association's office bearers coordinate the alumni activities and helps in consultation with the Chairman and Principal of the Institution. Each department is encouraged to organize specific activities for their alumni and focus on the welfare of the student community of the college. Moreover, they enable both technical and industrial skills, and also advances various knowledge based programmes. The Alumni association has registered 40000 Alumni so far and the number keeps increasing every year. The Institution has formulated many strategies to reach out to alumni of the College.


To value, engage and celebrate the Alumni Network and Partnership.


  • To team up with academic resources and to propose new technologies that will meet or exceed industrial standards.
  • To create a market driven approach based on life cycle engagement and lifelong learning.
  • To promote pride and goodwill among alumni and students for lifelong alumni connectivity.


Relish and Rebuild your Roots.


  • To promote and develop the mutual relationship and rapport among the alumni, the present students, the staff and the management, to act as a forum for the exchange information among the members.
  • To utilize the rich expertise of Alumni for the benefit and progress of the present students in terms of their knowledge, employment and higher studies.
  • To promote the campus placements through the support of Alumni working in reputed industries / corporate sectors in India and abroad.
  • To exchange professional knowledge through joint technical conferences, seminars, workshops, training programmes, debates, projects and also to promote cultural and social welfare programs.
  • To provide financial assistance to the alumni members in need to master their higher studies.
  • To create interest and to motivate the alumni to participate in the progress of the Institution.

Registration Certificate


Kindly check the bye-laws in the following link - Click here

Office Bearers

Dr.A.Umesh Samuel Jebaseelan

Dr.E.George Dharmaprakash Raj


Dr.Violet Dhayabaran
Joint Secretary


Executive Committee Members

Dr.Andrew Santhosh


Mr.A.Varam Vijayanandkumar

Dr.R.Thamarai Selvi

Dr.P.John Robinson


Dr.R.Anita Priya

Alumni Registration

Alumni of our college are requested to register online in order to help the association update its database through the following link:
Click here for Registration


The Bishop Heber College Alumni Association supports the growth of alumni chapters throughout the country in order to foster deeper bonds amongst graduates on a grass root level. Alumni Chapters are established on a geographic location. HAC values and promotes alumni engagement in determining the direction of the college because they are among our most valuable and talented resources. A key stakeholder that actively contributes to the institution's success is the college's strong alumni network. The Chapters assist the organisation and support its academic, institutional, and infrastructure growth.

College has an effective alumni network, the significant stakeholder who actively participates in the institution’s developmental activities. The Chapters supports the institution and contributes to its institutional, academic and infrastructural development. Alumni are consistently giving back to the Institution and this has enabled the Institution to undertake initiatives that would otherwise have not been possible.

National Chapters

  • Chennai
  • Coimbatore
  • Tiruchirappalli
  • Namakkal
  • Karur
  • Salem
  • Erode
  • Shillong
  • Bengaluru


Alumni Buddy Connect (ABC)


This is a mentoring programme in which the students (mentees) pursuing their studies in Bishop Heber College are trained by the alumni (mentors) from various parts of the world. The aim of this programme is to enhance the skill sets of the mentees and to prepare them for global competency. This project is a C-C ( College to Corporate) Programme which bridges the gap between the academics and the industrial expectations.


A maximum of 30 students from the final year M.C.A (Fifth Semester), M.Sc(CS) (Third Semester), M.Sc IT (Third Semester), B.Sc CS (Fifth Semester) and BCA (Fifth Semester) students are selected as mentees based onanAssessment Test, Group Discussion and Personal Interview. The Mentoring Programme is planned for a period of 2 ½ Months based on the schedule given by the mentors.

The mentees are trained on four different areas namely: 1) Technology (Core Computer Science) 2) Emerging Technology (Latest Topics in the IT industry) 3)Quality Assurance and 4) Soft skills. After the training, the mentors will guide them in finding a placement in leading IT companies. Current Status: The pilot programmehas come to an end.


We are looking for volunteers who can act as mentors who can invest their time and talent for the benefit of the future generation buddies.

Technology Park


This is a software development programmedesignedto augment the software development skills of the final year students by encouraging them to do real-time projects independently for the final semester.


Alumni working in various corporates will send real-time projects for the final year M.C.A, M.Sc (CS) and M.Sc (IT) students pursuing their education in Bishop Heber College. A maximum of 50 students will be selected based on their programming skills and the projects will be distributed among them. The Alumni will act as Co-Guides to help the students complete their projects through regular reviews.


  • The Alumni should bring in live Software Projects for the Students.
  • Share in the development of Infrastructure for IT park through generous donations.

Startup Companies


This project is proposed to encourage the Alumni who wish to have a startup IT Company. The company can be established inside the Bishop Heber College Campus itself.


Trichy is a place where institutions with rich academics and talents are available. This availability is one of the most important need of the Alumni to start their own IT Company. A Memorandum of Understanding (MoUs) between Bishop Heber College and the companies will be framed. A professional committee consisting of AlumniandCollege Management will ensure the functioning of the IT companies. Students who are passing out of Bishop Heber College will be given first preference in these companies.


Please send proposals

Entrepreneur Development Cell / Incubation Park


This project is proposed to motivate the students to become young Entrepreneurs.


Final Year M.C.A, M.Sc(CS), M.Sc(IT), M.B.A and M.Com will be encouraged to generate the need for software projects from manufacturing companies, shopping malls, academic institutions etc. The Students will form groups and develop these projects and execute the same with professional standards. Infrastructure facilities including space, electricity and internet connectivity will be provided by the management at a reasonable cost.Students at their early days of their careers may not have the financial resource to execute projects on their own. HEEBA will provide the necessary infrastructure and consulting services for the students to make them a full fledged Entrepreneurs.


Need Alumni to help in getting projects for the students.

Alumni Enrichment Seminars AES


The main purpose of AES is to enable the Alumni to meet the Current Students and Staff of Bishop Heber College to deliver seminars and to share their expertise and experiences.

Current Status

Pilot program started.


Time and Talent of the Alumni.Scheduled Start Date: Pilot Program started on April 6th.

Alumni Guest House


To Build an Alumni Guest House,where the Alumni can come and stay whenever they visit Trichy.
Rs.2,000/- per Sq. ft
Total No. Rooms- 50 Rooms
Can also contribute for Garden, Geyser, Furniture, AC, Water cooler, Fridge, etc.,

Budget :

2 Crores.


Sponsors to build the Alumni Guest House. Individuals or a group of Alumni can contribute for one room.
Room Size: 10 x 15ft = 150 ft. Cost – 3 lakhs.

Alumni Corpus Fund


To Generate Funds to support the various activities of the Alumni Association.


The Alumni Corpus Fund can be generated by the Alumni Registration through Online (www.bhc.edu/hebaa) or by Manual Process. Corporate Support can also be used to enhance the Alumni Corpus Fund.


1.5 Crores

Alumni Adoption Scheme


The aim of this project is to support the economically weaker students to fulfill their dreams in life by helping them to overcome their obstacles they face every day.


The alumni will adopt students with a weak background and provide them all the facilities that are needed by the students to achieve their goals in life. The selection of students will be based on their economic status.


Alumni who are willing to adopt Students.

Noon Meal Scheme


The Noon Meal Scheme is a Project designed to improve the nutritional status of our College students who are unable to get at least one complete square meal a daycoming from marginalized family background with a view to enhancing enrolment, retention and attendance simultaneously.


The students will be selected based on their willingness and also reference from class teachers. The students will be thoroughly verified and will be given Mess card like any other student who takes food in the College Mess.


Need Alumni to help in getting projects for the students.

Events & Reports

Feedback Link

Further Alumni Feedback is received to enhance / update the academic, research facilities, resources and services with the vision to reach its mission “Whole Person” using the link:
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Dr.D.Fennala Agnes Iylin
Commerce & Management

Dr.M.Daniel Solomon
Linguistics & Humanities

Life Sciences

Mrs.J. Jasmine Christina Magdalene
Computational Sciences

Dr.A. Sathiyan
Basic Science

Heber Alumni Centre (HAC)

Bishop Heber College (Autonomous)

Tiruchirappalli – 620 017