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Principal's Visit to Liverpool Hope University, UK

International Relations Division

Bishop Heber College strives to bring the best it can offer to the student and faculty members of the Institutions by stretching out it arms internationally.

Bishop Heber College has signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with number of International Universities. The MoU has been signed with these universities for mutual student exchange programmes, staff exchange programmes, research studies, cultural /field exposure etc… They International Universities are…

  • 1. Groupe ESC Rouen, France
  • 2. Liverpool Hope University, UK
  • 3. Appalachian State University, North Carolina (USA)
  • 4. Wolverhampton University, UK
  • 5. Kingston University, London (UK)
  • 6. University of Burgundy, France
  • 7. GORNO – Altasia State University, Russia
  • 8. DAVIDSON – United States of America, (North Carolina)
  • 9. Concordia College, New York, USA
  • 10. Merimack College,USA
  • 11. Binary University,Malaysia

Bishop Heber College Faculty members and students have benefited immensely with these exchange programmes from these International University.

Apart from this, number of faculty members and students have published international publications as well have gone abroad for Publications, teaching as guest lecturers, and attended conferences internationally in Europe and South-East Asia. Bishop Heber College has International Guests, who come as international partners for conferences, collaboration, research as well as foreign students who come for field exposure and service learning.

Bishop Heber College strives for excellence and places itself on the international map through these international collaborations.