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Internal Quality Assurance Cell

The IQAC plays a Pivotal role in upgrading the competence and quality of each department in terms teaching –learning process, resources, infra-structure etc. IQAC has been instrumental in bringing about e-revolution in the college.

  • All the departments are equipped with e-resources like the LCD, Internet , Wi-Fi facilities etc.

  • Through regular feedbacks obtained from the students, the teaching–learning process is assessed and improvement measures are suggested to ensure the maximum utilization of the resources available on campus.

  • Workshops, seminars, conferences and symposium at the National and International levels are conducted to initiate curriculum development and evaluation.

  • The needs of the students and staff are adequately fulfilled through periodical meeting with the departments and getting feedback from the Alumni.. The periodical update and review of the data through IQAC sensitize the staff, students and the departments towards quality consciousness and academic excellence.

  • Adequate amenities are provided to the staff and the students to pool resources and tap all the available information on every subject of current global relevance and importance.


Dr.Suresh Frederick

Associate Professor & Head(UG) of English

Associate Deans

Dr.J.Princy Merlin

Associate Professor & Head, Department of Chemistry


Assistant Professor of Social Work

Documentation Coordinators

Arts Discipline


Assistant Professor of English

Science Discipline


Assistant Professor of Mathematics