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Ixora coccinea L.



   Botanical NameIxora coccinea L.
   SynonymsPavetta coccinea. (L.) Blume
   Common NameEnglish: Jungle flame / Tamil: Vetchi
   DistributionGlobal: Peninsular India, Sri Lanka, and Southeast Asia.
Indian: Assam, Bihar, Maharastra, Gujarat, Kerala and Tamilnadu
   DescriptionSmall evergreen tree up to 7m height. Leaves opposite decussate, elliptic to oblong, shortly acute at apex, round to slightly cordate at base, sessile, greenish on drying. Inflorescence corymbs, peduncle and pedicels short. Calyx tube long, puberulous without; lobes minute. Corolla scarlet, with long tube. Stamens attached at throat; anthers inserted. Ovary inferior. Fruit berry, seeds 2, globose.
   Flowering Fruiting periodThroughout the year but best during the rains.
   UsesUsed as an ornamental, medicine, fence plant, and fodder for livestock
   Medicinal UsesThe fruit of Ixora coccinea is used to care for dysentery, ulcers and gonorrhea.
   Tamil NameVetchi