The Deanery of Research and Development in Bishop Heber College functions with the motto, “Sensitize! Synthesize!! Synergize!!!. It inculcates and encourages a rich research culture among its members of faculty and scholars.

The College has a research forum “Synergy” comprising the research scholars of all Departments and it addresses issues related to researchers, besides promoting research culture.


We envision a supportive environment for all scholars that enables transformative discoveries and innovation, produces new knowledge, and supports creative activities to benefit the institution, the nation, and the world.


The mission is to advance in research, scholarship, and innovation across the entire globe. We provide the college community with comprehensive, solution-oriented services and infrastructure to support research, dissemination, and translation of discoveries to maximize impact. By leading the growth of our college research enterprise and securing new resources for our scholars, we contribute to new knowledge, discovery, and innovation in institutionally, nationally, and globally.

Research Policies

Bishop Heber College has earnestly strived to be recognized as a world class research hub that constantly encourages novel ideas and solutions through exploration. The Deanery strives to inculcate and encourage a rich research culture among its members of faculty and scholars. This policy for promotion of Research serves as the guidance to undertake research activities for the benefit of all its stakeholders and the society at large. The policy, adhering to Bharathidasan University norms, shall apply to all the researchers and scholars of the college: both Aided and Self-Financing stream. The Heberian research policy provides a comprehensive direction to the members of faculty and scholars across various disciplines for the creation of new knowledge.

Objectives of the Research Policy

The specific objective of the policies are

  • To promote research spur amongst faculty and scholars to substantially enhance the research outcome of Bishop Heber College.
  • To focus on various dimensions of research and achieve a balanced growth in each dimension to maximize the research diversity and efficiency.
  • To monitor and mentor research progress through internal and external committees.
  • To improve the quality of research among faculty and scholars.
  • To ensure publication in UGC CARE listed/ Scopus indexed or in Web of Science journals with robust impact factor.
  • To ensure quality, integrity and ethics in research.
  • To collaborate with national or global universities/colleges and research firms/agencies to venture collaboration in research.

Bishop Heber College believes in providing a firm foundation, expertise, technical support, resources, programmes and coordination across the different departments for researchers through diverse schemes, periodical appraisals and rewards.

Research Schemes

Bishop Heber College has an exclusive Deanery for Research and Development to systematically appraise, promote, motivate and guide the staff and the scholars to get involved in research activities. The College is dedicated to guaranteeing a free academic environment to conduct research, to teach, to speak and to publish, subject to the norms and standards of scholarly inquiry, without interference or penalty, wherever the search for truth, knowledge, scholarship and/or understanding may lead.

  • Bishop Heber College encourages its faculty members to attend and present papers in conferences within and outside the country.
  • Periodic research consultation meetings, discussions, sharing of various research funding schemes and research proposal announcements available at national and global levels.
  • To foster research activities, a seed grant to a tune of 50000/- has been earmarked for research minor projects. Self –Financing faculty are encouraged to apply for Minor Research Projects funded by the College through the Deanery. A proposal, limited
  • to one per person, has to be submitted to the Deanery, detailing the budget and amount requested.
  • The proposal for the minor project is sanctioned post scrutiny by the panel constituted by the Deanery. The approved project should be published in a reputed journal using the money from the seed grant. All the accounts detailing the expenditure should be submitted to the deanery with an audited report.
  • The College mandates publication of research articles in journals that are indexed in reputed databases such as Scopus, Web of Sciences and UGC-CARE. A part of the publication fee is reimbursed based on the journal quality.
  • Workshops, Seminars and periodic enhancement programme on Research Methodology and Intellectual Property Rights to promote higher order skills for improved research and publication.
  • Faculty members are provided with full financial support for filing of Patents.
  • To support academic integrity and to discourage plagiarism, the college has subscribed to Anti-Plagiarism Software and has made it accessible to all faculty and students through the office of the Library.
  • Promotes Project-based Learning for UG, PG and M.Phil scholars so as to upgrade and sharpen the minds of scholars. The Deanery oversees the quality of the projects and its authenticity and encourages scholars to pursue noteworthy research.
  • Every research Department has a Departmental Research Committee (DRC) to streamline and induct the research scholars by reviewing their research proposals and has the primary duty of assigning the research scholars to the guide concerned, to pursue their research.
  • The College has a Research Forum comprising the research scholars of all Departments and it addresses issues related to researchers, besides promoting research culture.

In Bishop Heber College, almost all the Departments are recognized as Research Centres by the Bharathidasan University. Research activities of the college are guided and monitored by the following Committees:

  • Research Ethics Committee
  • Research Action Committee
  • Plagiarism Standing Committee

Minor Projects funded by Bishop Heber College

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • The Deanery provides expertise, resources, programmes, consistency, and coordination across the different departments of the college. It also endeavours to find suitable funding resources for new innovations.
  • The college has an exclusive Deanery for Research and Development with a Dean and four Associate Deans representing Arts, Basic Sciences, Computer Science and Biological Sciences Disciplines, to systematically appraise, promote, motivate and guide the staff and the scholars to get involved in research activities. It rewards teachers who publish articles, books, and present papers. Dr. Suresh Frederick, Dean of R&D should be contacted for these activities.

Syndicate of Deanery

  • Dr.Ravi Dhas C
    Assistant Professor & Head, Department of Physics

  • Dr.Kanna T
    Assistant Professor of Physics
    Associate Dean,

  • Dr. Priscilla Suresh
    Assistant Professor & Head of Zoology
    Associate Dean

  • Dr. R. Thamaraiselvi
    Assoc. Prof. & Head of MCA
    Associate Dean
  • Dr.A. Sathiyan
    Assistant Professor of Chemistry
    Documentation Coordinator

  • Dr.Ronald David L
    Assistant Professor of English
    Documentation Coordinator

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Contact Address

  • Deanery of Research & Development
  • Bishop Heber College
  • Puthur
  • Tiruchirappalli-620017

  • Email:research@bhc.edu.in
  • Phone: 0431-2770136(111)