About HAIF

The Heber Analytical Instrumentation Facility (HAIF) has been established in the year 2017 at Bishop Heber College to strengthen the quality of research in advanced as well as applied field of sciences. The centre is equipped with sophisticated Analytical equipment’s that facilitates students and researchers of Bishop Heber College, and other academic institutions and industries, to carry out cutting-edge interdisciplinary research of national and international importance. The centre provides facilities for fabrication work, material testing, characterisation, new device fabrication, etc., to help R&D labs, industrial R&D, MSME, Incubators and Start-ups, etc. The college has also received several grants from UGC, DST SERB, DBT, DST FIST and MOFPI New Delhi to augment the facilities of the Science Departments and the common instrumentation centre.


HAIF envisions to be a state of the art instrumentation centre by acquiring the sophisticated analytical instruments to serve in cutting edge areas of science and technology.  


  • To be known as an advanced and resourceful centre for providing high quality sample design, development and characterization.
  • To offer the high end analytical instruments at reasonable charges to, the students and researchers of Bishop Heber College and other universities and industries.

Objectives of the centre

  • To provide techniques for fabrication and characterization of materials for researchers of physical, chemical and life sciences disciplines.
  • To support widely the under graduate, post graduate and Ph.D students and faculty members of Bishop Heber College towards quality research publications, patents and projects.
  • To expand the facility to researchers from other academic institutions across the country to promote interdisciplinary research.
  • To train technicians, research scholars and Post Graduate students for operation and maintenance of Hi-end sophisticated instruments.
  • To organize workshops/training programs/short-term courses on the applications of analytical techniques for research scholars, students, faculty members and personnel from Industries.

The centre is equipped with the following instruments procured under the support of different funding agencies:


Name of the Instrument

Make &model

Funding Agency

1 X-Ray Diffractometer PANALYTICAL / X’PERT3 UGC - CE
2 Electron Beam Evaporation Unit HHV/ Auto 306 DST-SERB/MOFPI
3 Gas Chromatograph –Mass Spectrometer (GC-MS) SHIMADZU/ QP2020 DST - FIST
4 Spectro Fluorophotometer (PL) SHIMADZU/ RF 6000 DST - FIST
5 UV - Visible Spectrophotometer SHIMADZU/ UV 2600 DST - FIST
6 Electrochemical Analyzer (CV) CH/ CHI608E DST - FIST
7 Digital Source Meter KEITHLEY/ 2450 DST - FIST
8 Fermentor LARK DST - FIST
10 Digital Visualizer CLARITY/PH-130W DST - FIST
11 Incubator KEMI / KIS-3 BHC - HAIF
12 Ultrasonic Cleaner AVM / USE-200 BHC - HAIF
13 Laminar air Flow Chamber KLEANZONE / VERTICAL BHC - HAIF
14 Autoclave NEWLAB BHC - HAIF
15 Surface Profilometer MITTUTOYO / SJ 301 UGC

Roles and Responsibilities

    1. Procurement of equipments, chemicals and contingencies as per the requirements of the physical, chemical and life science departments of the college.
    2. Arranging periodical review meetings with HAIF executive committee and purchase committee to assess the progress, procurement of new equipments and revision of tariff for sample characterization.
    3. Organizing certification programmes/ workshops / seminars/ hands-on training/ short term courses on the application of diverse instruments and techniques for both the host and external users and provide technical help and scientific knowledge to the end users.
    4. Arranging Demonstration sessions for all Undergraduate and Postgraduate students of all science departments.
    5. Arranging Visits of Faculty and Technical staff to the research laboratories.
    6. Involving faculty members of science departments to offer summer internship with the support of HAIF.
    7. Training technicians for maintenance and operation of instruments pertaining to the fields of basic sciences, material sciences, food and agricultural sciences, biological sciences, data sciences, and engage these trained manpower for better societal outreach and utilization of these trained manpower.

Procedures and Policies for maintaining and utilizing HAIF facilities

The equipments, specimens, chemicals and contingencies are purchased by purchase committee comprising of the Principal Dr. D. Paul Dhayabaran, Bursar Dr. Isaiah, Advisors Dr. V.Violet Dhayabaran, Coordinator Department of Biotechnology, and Dr. V.Anand Gideon, Head Department of Botany, and the Coordinator Dr.K.Vijayalakshmi Assistant Professor Department of Physics, as per the requirements of the teaching departments of the college. The college authority purchases them by calling quotations from the reputed companies. The teaching staff from life sciences, physical and chemical sciences departments are taught and trained about the use and maintenance of equipments and they also take the responsibilities of periodic up-gradations of the resources. The instrument facilities are maintained by technical support staff of the Instrumentation centre Dr. G. Solaraj and Mr. G. Manoji. The support staff keeps a record of all the equipments. Stock verification and auditing of accounts takes place every year. The cleanliness of laboratory is ensured by a group of workers and sweepers. Periodically, necessary steps have taken by the authority to develop the instrumentation centre by organising several training/internship and other workshop/seminar/demonstration programs for both staff and students of the college and other neighbouring institutions. The college authority also plays a vital role in providing financial support to the staff and students of the college by extending the characterization facilities for 50% of the original charge of the sample.


The facilities created in the centre have helped the researchers of Bishop Heber College to publish more number of papers in the reputed journals.

Organisational Structure / Team Members

Fissure in Sandstone
Dr. K. Vijayalakshmi

Centre Coordinator

Fissure in Sandstone
Dr.V.Violet Dhayabaran


Fissure in Sandstone
Dr.V.Anand Gideon


Contact Us

Dr.Vijayalakshmi K

Centre Coordinator, Asst.Professor ,Department of Physics

Bishop Heber College (Autonomous)

Tiruchirappalli – 620 017