The Center for Healthcare and Fitness (CHF), which is owned by the College Administration and run by the director of physical education and a single physician, has sufficient medical and fitness facilities. The Pharmacy and Fitness Centre are open in the morning and evening, but otherwise the Center is open every day of the week. The Center is aware of the Heber community's requirements for health and fitness. CHF anticipates receiving cutting-edge medical treatment at CSI Mission Hospital. The Center serves the needs of students and sportsperson for health care and is located in the middle of the campus.


The Centre works to support the physical and mental health of the college community by recognizing that total wellness is crucial for academic success. This helps to promote a healthy lifestyle and ensure that everyone has access to cutting-edge emergency care services, including medical and sports trauma care.

Salient Features

The college campus, hostels, and play areas are all close to the Centre for Healthcare and Fitness (CHF). All of the students, including both shifts, have their clinical requirements met by CHF. It meets both the clinical needs of the athletes, particularly during competition times, and those of the hostellers, day scholars, and all of their dependents round-the-clock by offering first-aid, primary healthcare, and emergency treatments. The Center is equipped with all the necessary emergency supplies to handle any emergency situation. If a medical issue is deemed sensitive, it will be sent to the nearby CSI Mission Hospital for additional care. The medical facility offers five beds for IP care, a fully functional ambulance, and a 24-hour Pharmacy. Exercise, sports, and other physical activities are supported and encouraged in the fitness centre.

Centre for Healthcare and Fitness Policy

  • The Center guarantees to provide everyone in the Heber community with top-notch medical care
  • The Centre will make health care and medicine available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • The Centre is equipped with appropriate technology to ensure complete care for the community.
  • The Centre holds a book of medical records pertaining to the prescription and treatment rendered, duly signed by a medical officer.
  • The Center is required to have a 24-hour ambulance service to maintain the patient's health until they can be treated at the hospital.
  • Sufficient kilograms of oxygen cylinders must be kept in stock to ensure a consistent supply for respiratory needs.
  • The Center guarantees a steady supply of oxygen for respiratory needs, a sufficient number of cylinders are kept on hand.
  • As it is likely to cause personal or professional issues, the Center maintains the confidentiality of a patient's personal information, sickness, and treatment.
  • The Fitness Centre coordinates with the Health Centre to ensure a complete cure and provides a working relationship.
  • To provide a functional connection, the fitness Centre is located very close to the health Centre.
  • Given the benefits they have on a person's health, all medical professionals promote the value of physical exercise and sports involvement.

Organisational Structure / Team Members

Fissure in Sandstone
Dr. A. Palraj

Centre Co-ordinator

Fissure in Sandstone

Asst. Co-ordinator

Fissure in Sandstone
Dr.Sherlin Rosita

Asst. Co-ordinator

Contact Us

Dr. A. Palraj

Director of Physical Education/ Centre Coordinator

Bishop Heber College (Autonomous)

Tiruchirappalli – 620 017