The Deanery of International Relations (IR) centralizes, coordinates and handles International Cooperation activities at Bishop Heber College. It strives to bring the best it can offer to the student and faculty members of the Institutions by stretching out it arms internationally.


International Affairs strives to become a leader in the field of international education and support a spirit of discovery that leads to transformative global learning opportunities and cross-cultural understanding.


Strike strategic partnerships with high quality overseas institutions so as to foster collaborative academic research, deliver innovative programmes, provide study abroad, exchange opportunities and strengthen heartfelt friendships.

  • International Affairs leads, coordinates, and supports comprehensive campus internationalization with the ultimate goal to prepare globally competent graduates. In doing so, the office:
  • Embraces an understanding and sharing of world cultures and perspectives;
  • Leads best-practice efforts in internationalization in support of institutional goals;
  • Offers a range of opportunities abroad in order to advance knowledge through a commitment to the importance of understanding other cultures;
  • Advocates for and supports international students and scholars on campus;
  • Collaborates with faculty, staff, and community members to further international scholarship, research, and learning;
  • Supports the integration of global learning opportunities in and out of the classroom that support understanding and an appreciation of the world;
  • Committed to student success through support, best-practices, advising, and programming.

International Students Policy


International students (matriculated and non-degree), scholars, and their dependents who hold non-immigration visa status.

Policy Statement

Immigration Status

It is the responsibility of the international students to maintain lawful immigration status. The students are responsible for fully and properly complying with all laws and regulations of the law of India.

New international students must complete the clearance process and sign the Acknowledgement of Responsibility Statement before they may register for any courses.

Enrolment Requirements

Undergraduate students must register for a minimum of 140 credit hours. Postgraduate students must register for a minimum of 90 credit hours for the award of the degree from Bharathidasan University.

Students may also register for the exact number of hours needed to graduate in the final semester of study with the prior approval of an international student adviser of the Deanery.

Students must provide the financial proof for one year of full support from their dependents prior to issuance of immigration documents

Health Insurance

Under UGC regulations, International students are required to maintain health insurance for the duration of his or her stay in India.

For specific policy coverage requirements, students who wish to apply for any type of benefit of this status (travel signature, work authorization, academic training, etc.) must provide proof of health insurance coverage.

Program Orientation

Attendance at all components of the class hours and departmental orientations are mandatory. Failure to attend the required orientations and complete clearance procedures of controller of examination will result in a hold on re-registration for classes.

Global Alliances

Bishop Heber College has signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) have been signed with various International Universities across the Globe for various Academic and Research exchange activities. The MoU has been signed for mutual student exchange programmes, staff exchange programmes, research studies, cultural /field exposure etc… to explore the best practices and Research work with International Universities. Through these alliances with International Universities, Bishop Heber College Faculty members and students have benefited immensely that enables to learn from experts in the International Universities.

Apart from this, number of faculty members and students have published international publications as well have gone abroad for Publications, teaching as guest lecturers, and attended conferences internationally in Europe and South-East Asia. Bishop Heber College has International Guests, who come as international partners for conferences, collaboration, research as well as foreign students who come for field exposure and service learning.Bishop Heber College strives for excellence and places itself on the international map through these International collaborations.

List of MoU's

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Providing information and advice to the College community about the different international programs available within the scope of higher education.
  • Promoting and handling student and teacher mobility to and from foreign institutions, within the framework of the Bishop Heber College cooperation programs.
  • Advising students on documents to be handed for the mobility and other tasks that they should perform directly with the host institution.
  • Providing Bishop Heber College teachers with information on teacher exchange and international cooperation programs.
  • Handling acceptance of foreign exchange students, preparing a Guide for foreign students, and sending information about Bishop Heber College: cities, reception, visa, travel, accommodation, registration, and study possibilities with the staff of international relations in their universities.
  • Drafting and negotiating international cooperation agreements.
  • Ensuring the presence of Bishop Heber College at international educational meetings and forums.

Syndicate of Deanery

  • Dr.K.Rajkumar
    Coordinator, Dept of Data Science & Associate Professor, Dept. of Computer Science

  • Dr.Michael David Premkumar
    Assoicate Professor & Head, Dept. of Management Studies
    Associate Dean,

  • Dr. G. Sobers Smiles David
    Associate Professor & Head of Computer Science(SF)
    Associate Dean

  • Mr. P. David Sam Paul

    Documentation Coordinator

Contact Address

  • Deanery of International Relations
  • Bishop Heber College
  • Puthur
  • Tiruchirappalli-620017
  • Tamilnadu, India.

  • Email:dean.ir@bhc.edu.in
  • Phone: 0431-2770136