Training and Placement Division of Bishop Heber College (Autonomous), Tiruchirappalli, aims to provide students with various avenues in higher education, placements, entrepreneurship and government jobs. The Division endeavors to provide inputs that will assist the students to raise their employability skills and carve a corner for themselves in the global sphere.


Equip the students with creative strength and professional competencies, provide them with national and global placement opportunities, make them successful in their chosen career path and cultivate in them a consciousness to contribute towards the growth of our nation


Training and Placement Division of Bishop Heber College strives to inculcate employability skills in students through systematic training programs and help them reach their goals in their career.

Our Support to the Students

The specific objective of the policies are

  • Conduct different kinds of Career Guidance Programs so the students can get a clear picture of the Industry requirements and expectations.
  • Get Job specific trainings to meet the needs of the Companies.
  • Get extensive training to clear Aptitude tests, Personal Interviews and Group Discussions.
  • Participate in periodical Mock Interviews and Group Discussions so as to help them let go of their fears and self-doubts.
  • Personal guidance for students opting for higher studies in both India and Abroad.
  • The division also helps the students apply for their Passport, Pan Card, Driving License and open Bank accounts.
  • Arrange coaching for students to clear and score well in IELTS

Roles & Responsibilities

The specific objective of the policies are

  • To expose students to work-culture and ethics around the world.
  • To make them aware of the endless opportunities available after graduation in areas such as higher education, government sectors, teaching jobs, entrepreneurships and jobs in companies.
  • To help students develop their employability skills so they can be innovative, adaptive and productive human beings.
  • To equip students with knowledge and skills to ace through various screening procedures.
  • To empower students with skills and mindset required to work in a collaborative environment.
  • To foster partnerships with best companies and institutions so our young talents can find their place in the world.

Important Placement Guidelines for Campus Recruitment

1. Campus Placement Portal: It is the prime responsibility of ALL final year UG & PG students to register themselves in the college portal. The following career choices will be displayed on the campus portal and students can choose any ONE only based on their personal interest and family expectations. The portal will be open on the Institution website. Once registered, one cannot change the same without a letter from the HOD stating the reason for change.

2. Training Programs: Periodic Training programs (Virtual/Physical/Webinars etc.) will be conducted for each of the groups of students, based on the future career choice they have opted for. It is mandatory for all campus placement registered students to attend the In-House “ACE Your Placements – Accelerated Career Success Program” -30 Hour Blended Learning Module to enable you to perform successfully in the campus placements.

3. Mandatory Documents Needed: : It is mandatory for all the students who have registered for Campus Placements to have the following documents at the time of hiring process with the Top MNCs

  • Customized Resume (PDF with Photograph attached)
  • 10/12/UG/PG Scanned Mark Sheets
  • Aadhar Card
  • Valid Passport
  • Drivers Licence
  • Pan Card
  • Bank Passbook

4.Placement related updates: Periodic placement updates can be found in the Training & Placement telegram group. We have multiple levels of information transfer to ensure that all the placement related information reaches the students on time. It is the responsibility of the placement registered students to apply on the link provided for the job opening within the deadline given. Late applications with any excuses will not be entertained at any cost. Once students have applied for a particular job, they will have to check their email account at least 3 times a day for updates.

5. Placement Process:Maximum number of companies generally follow the following placement process:

  • Resume Screening for Eligibility (AI Tracking process is used by the MNCs
  • Presentation about the Company & Job Profile (Pre-Placement Talk) can be on Virtual mode on In Person for the On-Campus Drives.
  • Written / Online Exam (Aptitude / Technical Test) – It is mandatory for students to have laptop/desktop with functional webcam & Internet speed
  • Group Discussion (10 to 12 Students)
  • Technical Interview (One to One)
  • Presentation by Candidate
  • HR Interview
  • Verification of Documents (Online uploading of required documents on company portal for rolling out of Offer Letter)
  • Any other as per the company request
  • Company offer letter
  • Onboarding Process – Traineeship/Internship begins

6. Pre-Placement Talk: It is mandatory for all Eligible Students to appear in the PPT of all Companies coming for Campus Recruitments wherever they stand eligible. Students will be given a choice to back out after the Presentation (PPT) of the company if they do not understand/ like the profile offered. No student will be allowed to back out from the company recruitment process after clearing the 1st round (i.e., written test). If any student found missing after the written /online test he/she will be strictly debarred from the entire placement season.

7. Eligibility: All students need to ensure that they are meeting the eligibility criteria of the company as mentioned in the placement poster/JD Pdf etc. All mark sheets are properly checked at the time of joining

8. Reporting Time for Campus Drives: Students are also expected to report on time for all the campus hiring process. (Virtual/Physical On-Campus/Off Campus) as mentioned in the Company job Posters/Emails sent. Students coming late either on Virtual/Physical mode will be strictly not allowed to appear in that process. If students are not able to attend the online test/GD/Interview in the virtual mode in the appointed time given by the company, no rescheduling will be entertained for any reason whatsoever and the student will have to forfeit the process for that company.

9.Dress Code & Professional Decorum: : Students have to wear proper business formals for every recruitment process. Students wearing casuals during face to face will not be entertained. (Either in the Virtual/Physical drive).

  • Combination of Outfit (Male) • Any Light-Coloured Full Hand Shirt • Black or dark coloured Trouser • (For MBA Candidates Blazer • Formal Tie) Matching Shoes & Belt colour
  • Dress code for girls- Smart Churidars/Cotton Saree without flowers and fancy jewellery. (MBA Students can wear their Blazers)
  • ID Card: All students have to compulsorily keep their College I-Cards handy with them.
  • Direct Interaction: Students are not allowed to contact Company / HR Delegates directly for any reason. If they are facing any problem, they have to first contact their TPO/APOs and discuss their problem with them. Respective TPO/APOs may consult the Company recruitment team to resolve the issues instead of bringing insignificant issues before company representatives. In case of virtual assessments, the company IT Support number/email will be given to the students and they can contact them for troubleshooting.
  • No student is allowed to share any original / photocopy of documents like Pan Card / Aadhar card / Voter card / Passport / Mark sheets with officials of any company without prior consent from the TPO.
  • No student is allowed to pay a single rupee to any Company Officials in lieu for any Training / Placement fees.

10.Placement Policy: : Bishop Heber College strictly follows the following placement policy

  • ‘One Student One Job Policy’ will be strictly adhered to allow all the deserving students to get a campus placement offer. However, students from core departments will be given one additional job opportunity in their core domain. (For E.g., if any Life science student is placed in an IT company, he / she will also be allowed to appear in his / her core companies till he gets one final job offer from Core Company. Similar rule is applicable for students from various domains. (The final decision of allowing a student the opportunity to take up multiple placements will be taken by the Dean of the Training & Placement division will be considered in consultation with the TPO)
  • Dream Offer: : First students need to obtain one job offer in any Bulk Company to get qualified for the Dream offer. (Virtual/Physical/Off-Campus) Students will be allowed to appear for Dream offer / package as per the below mentioned formula. Current Package x 2 Lakh = Dream Offer
  • Rejection of Job offer by student: In case a student rejects any campus placement offer after being selected stating that they are now interested in higher studies/government job/entrepreneurship or that the job location is not comfortable or that their parents are not allowing them to take up the offer then the student will have to give it in writing to the TPO (Training & Placement Officer)
  • Joining schedule: The joining dates completely rests with the company’s discretion and market scenario. All students need to join on time as per the communication received from the Company. In case there is a delay in the joining dates as communicated by the company the same will be informed to the students. Students need not pester the placement team or the company HR regarding the joining dates.
  • Strict discipline: Strict discipline need to be followed by every student during the recruitment process. Any students found misbehaving or during misconduct will be debarred from the entire placement season. No casual talks or remarks should be extended by any students during the process or even after the process to company delegates or to the Heber Training & Placement team in any of the modes of campus hiring. (Virtual/Physical)

In case of any further clarification or query please contact the Training & Placement Officer/Assistance Placement Officers for further guidance.

Contact Details

  • Dr.Suresh Frederick
    Associate Professor,Dept. of English
    Training & Placement: BHC

  • Dr.Victor Lazarus
    Associate Professor,Dept. of Management Studies(On Deputation)
    Associate Dean
    Training & Placement: BHC

  • Dr.Isaiah
    Associate Professor,Dept. of Chemistry
    Associate Dean
    Training & Placement: BHC

  • Dr Sheeba Princess
    Assistant Professor,Dept. of English
    Associate Dean
    Training & Placement: BHC

  • Dr.J.James Manoharan
    Associate Professor,Dept. of BCA
    Associate Dean
    Training & Placement: BHC

  • Dr.S.Shanthi Merlin
    Assitant Professor,Dept. of Commerce
    Associate Dean
    Training & Placement: BHC

  • Dr.Anita Priya Raja,
    Training & Placement Officer

  • Mr.S.Solomon Jeganathan
    Assistant Placement Officer

  • Mrs E. Nancy Lydia
    Assistant Placement Officer

  • Mr.P.Chinnadurai
    Assistant Placement Officer

  • Mr.M. Rayan Weeber
    Assistant Placement Officer

  • Mr.D.Nicky Edmand
    Soft Skill Trainer
    Mail: softskillsbhc@gmail.com

  • Mr.Nikhil G.
    Assistant Placement Officer
    Mail: nikhil.placement@bhc.edu.in

  • Mr.Kingsly Rajesh G.
    Assistant Placement Officer
    Mail: kingsley.placement@bhc.edu.in

  • Ms.Gokila T.
    Aptitude Skill Trainer
    Mail: gokila.placement@bhc.edu.in

  • Mr.Cecil Alphonse K.
    Assistant Placement Officer & Skill Trainer
    Mail: cecil.placement@bhc.edu.in

  • Dr.Vidhya S
    Assistant Placement Officer
    Mail: vidhya.placement@bhc.edu.in

Contact Address

  • Training & Placement Division
  • Bishop Heber College
  • Puthur
  • Tiruchirappalli-620017

  • Email:heberplacement@bhc.edu.in
  • Phone: 0431-2770136