The Deanery of Staff and Student Welfare (DSSW) is intended to promote the welfare and prosperity of the staff members and students by sustaining an environment that promotes personal growth, the pursuit of healthy minds and bodies, and participation in the creation of a caring community. Since its inception in the year 2015, the Deanery has taken initiatives to cater to the needs of the staff and students of our college fraternity. The DSSW provides opportunities for the staff and students to partake in intellectual, spiritual, social, cultural and service activities. The office of the Deanery serves as a liaison between staff, students and the administration. It frequently monitors whether the staff and student community have access to adequate facilities, such as playgrounds, parking lots, boarding lodging for the students, refreshment areas, stationary, etc.


Ensure employer support a culture of integrity in the workspace. Building a bridge of trust between employers and employees for raising concerns about workmanship and assist creating ethical and successful organization for all stakeholders.

Seeks to provide support to the educational process to advance the students academic and personal abilites.It aims at enabling them to face problem inder academic success or academic process, with the end of qualifying them professionally upon the national and regional level.


Creating an enviroment where employers and employee value are importance of idenfying and appreciate to facilitate and protect employees.Maintaining save secure purpose build technology platform which employees can use in privacy.

Abides with the programmes set by the college to provide a unique academic environment based on positive interaction among the students and the academic body, and to help the students to overcome all personal, social and academic hindrances.

Welfare measures for Staff

The Deanery of Staff and Student Welfare (DSSW) practices effective welfare measures for the faculty both Teaching and Non - Teaching. The DSSW makes concerted efforts to create a sense of security among the faculty and to motivate them as they work towards fulfilling the vision and mission of the college. The office of the Deanery also provides a forum for the faculty to improve their intellectual and professional abilities by organizing periodic training, workshops and seminars. Faculty are encouraged to make academic and research advancements, and the non–teaching staff are motivated to improve their administrative skills. The Deanery ensures the well-being of the staff and enables them to optimize their potential. Besides intellectual and professional development, the Deanery also provides financial support such as medical allowance, health insurance, incentives, yearly increment, research promotion etc... The Deanery honours the faculty members who served the institution for more than 25 years and the faculty members with 100 % attendance. The Deanery also helps the children of staff members who pass away while on duty by providing financial assistance for their education.

Welfare measures for Students

The Deanery of Staff and Students Welfare (DSSW) strives to nurture students' mental, physical, and cultural growth through various activities in order to improve their overall personality development and to prepare them to compete in a globalized world. To achieve this, the DSSW organizes leadership, social, extracurricular and counselling programmes for the students in collaboration with the student counselling center, Training and Placement Division and Sexual Harassment Cell of the college. The Deanery also aims at addressing the grievances and issues of the students and providing a solution to them. The DSSW office will open the suggestion and complaint boxes located on campus and take any necessary action. In keeping with the vision of the college of providing quality education to all, irrespective of their socio–economic status, the Deanery has initiated the “Student Help Line (SHL)” scheme to provide financial support for deserving students. The Deanery also provides financial assistance to needy students through “Heber Helping Hands”. Every year, nearly 50 lakhs are spent by the management for this scheme. The Deanery also monitors and guides the Student Counselling Centre, College Clinic and Alumni Office of the college and takes initiatives to strengthen the Alumni network in India and abroad. In a nutshell, the activities of the Deanery will provide the students with opportunities to lead others, develop life learning skills, recognize and value themselves, support the society and serve the community.


The specific objective of the policies are

  • To promote and encourage cultural, social and literacy activities with a view to fostering health and communal life in the student community.
  • To establish and direct programme of students’ guidance and counselling.
  • To take initiative for the institution and award of scholarships, free noon meals and be responsible for timely disbursement of all types of scholarships (Central, State, UGC, Private and NGO) to the meritorious and economically challenged students
  • To ensure favorable working environment for members of the staff and to satisfy the needs of the staff to maintain their high morale.
  • To plan for general welfare activities for the teaching and non-teaching staff by providing medical benefits, financial assistance for research and training that help in raising the standards of living of the faculties.

Policy On Staff & Student Welfare

The Deanery of Staff and Student Welfare is committed to a quality culture through a process of continuous monitoring and improvement by developing a student-centric approach that provides a constructive and conducive learning and research environment with the ambience of creativity, wisdom, and team spirit to orient students' talents with human values for making a positive contribution to society. The Deanery of Staff and Student Welfare provides frequent orientation and guidance for the students regarding the application of various scholarships available to students. The Deanery aims for the overall development of staff members by providing varied welfare schemes. It works for the benefit and welfare of all the staff (Teaching & Non - Teaching) and provides a channel for interaction between staff and management.

Policy Provision:

Students Representation:

The Deanery recognizes that students must be represented equitably and fairly by an independent and accountable organization of the college management, and that each student can contribute to the improvement of their programme and learning experience. The Deanery of Staff and Student Welfare in collaboration with the Deanery of academics motivates the students to represent Student Council of the College.

Student Counselling and career guidance:

The Deanery understands that a student may have difficulties coping with issues in their personal lives as well as in the environment in which they live and learn. The College Counselling Center on the college campus hosts regular mentoring sessions for students. The Deanery organizes programmes to provide career guidance for all students to prepare them for progression to employment and/or higher education courses.

Health care Benefits:

The Deanery addresses the health issues both preventive and curative of students and staff. Health insurance benefits such as ESI and Star health are available for all the faculty members of the college. The staff members can avail casual leave, medical leave, maternity leave, special casual leave etc. Following facilities are provided as part of health care services:

  • Health Centre for Staff and Students
  • Sanitizer vending machines
  • Room for differently-abled persons
  • Ramp for physically challenged students
  • Lift provision in the new block

Fee Concession:

       Through the Deanery, fee concessions for deserving students are provided every year. Special scholarships under the scheme Student Helpline and Heber Hands are granted to the eligible students. The children of our faculty members are also eligible for fee concession.

Scholarships for the students

a. State / Central Government and Non – Government Scholarships

  • The Deanery take necessary steps to inform the students about various scholarships through noticeboards and websites, circulars and announcements through the class teachers.
  • The students are insisted to approach the scholarship in-charge in the management office for collection of applications and clarifications.
  • The filled-in forms of the students are checked and duly forwarded by the respective authorities to the concerned organizations for processing.
  • The students who are awarded scholarships are intimated with the necessary documents.

b. Management Scholarships:

  • The Deanery regularly informs the students about Student Helpline and Heber Hands scholarships funded by the college management.
  • The scholarship is awarded to qualified students based on their credentials such as academic performance, attendance, financial hardship and track record of good conduct throughout the course period.
  • The eligible students are permitted to submit the scholarship forms to the Dean, Staff and Students Welfare every year. The forms are scrutinized by a team and the scholarships are disbursed by the Deanery within the allotted time period.

c. Other Financial Assistance

       The Deanery recommends the management for Tuition fees and Mess fee waivers for the needy, economically poor and marginalized students.

Academic support measures for teaching staff

       The Deanery conducts regular programmes to improve the academic and administrative skills of the teaching and non- teaching faculty.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • To provide a harmonious and peaceful environment for the staff and students in the campus.
  • To plan for general welfare activities for teaching and non–teaching staff members.
  • To ensure day-to-day essential support required for academic and co-curricular activities of the students.
  • To adopt special care and support mechanisms for physically challenged, economically challenged, socially challenged students, orphan, semi orphan and missionary children.
  • To serve as a catalyst for the Central/State Government and University initiated activities for the staff and students.
  • To provide financial support for the welfare of the staff members and the students.
  • To take steps to provide proper amenities in the hostels including the working of the messes, canteens and to exercise general supervision in respect of the hostels attached to the college.
  • To monitor and take initiatives to upgrade the infrastructure facilities for the faculty members and the students.
  • To plan and organize programmes for the holistic development of the students.
  • To encourage the students to participate effectively in students-related activities.
  • To work with various centers and committees of the college viz., Student Counselling Centre, Training and Placement Division, Grievance Redressal Cell, Anti-Ragging Committee, Sexual Harassment Cell etc.
  • To address the problems and issues related to the students.
  • To arrange for the maintenance of students’ discipline on campus.


Contact Details

  • Dr.Prem Kumar K
    Assistant Professor of English
    Dean, Staff & Student Welfare

  • Dr. C. Alex Rajakumar Paul
    Assistant Professor of English
    Associate Dean, Staff & Student Welfare

  • Dr.S.Sophia
    Assistant Professor of Computer Science
    Associate Dean, Staff & Student Welfare

Contact Address

  • Deanery of Staff & Student Welfare
  • Bishop Heber College
  • Puthur
  • Tiruchirappalli-620017

  • Email:dean.ssw@bhc.edu.in
  • Phone: 0431-2770136