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Department of Botany

Since 1980

Madhuca longifolia (J. konig) J. F. Maebr.



   Botanical NameMadhuca longifolia (J. konig) J. F. Maebr.
   SynonymsMadhuca indica. J. F. Gmel.; Bassia latifolia. Roxb.
   Common NameEnglish: Indian Butter tree / Tamil: Illupei
   DistributionGlobal: India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Myanmar.
Indian: Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Maharashtra, Mysore and Myanmar
   DescriptionMedium-sized deciduous tree up to16-20 m tall. Trunk short and stout 80 cm in diameter. Bark grey, vertically cracked and wrinkled, exfoliating in thin scales. Leaves, simple, alternate, and clustered at the end of branchlets. The leaf blade simple, oblong, rigid, thick, and firm, woolly at the lower face and exuding a milky sap when broken. Young leaves pinkish or reddish-brown. Flowers are borne on green or pink, furry bunches, cluster of 12 fragrant cream-coloured flowers. Pollinated flowers develop into a fleshy, greenish ovoid fruit containing 1-4 shiny, oily brown seeds. The seeds are 3-5 cm long, elliptical and flattened on one side.
   Flowering Fruiting periodDecember-July/March - April
   UsesCosmetics, pharmaceutical, edible, adulteration, bio fuel and used to feed livestock.
   Medicinal UsesLeucorrhea, chronic bronchitis, rheumatism, haemorrhoids, bleeding gums, and used in the treatment of skin diseases.
   Tamil NameIllupei