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Adenanthera pavonina L.


Aanai Kundumani

   Botanical NameAdenanthera pavonina L.
   SynonymsAdenanthera gersenii Scheff.; Adenanthera polita. Miq.
   Common NameEnglish : Peacock flower fence / Tamil : Aanai kundumani
   DistributionGlobal : India, South East China, Malaysia, Brazil.
Indian : Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra,Karnataka.
   DescriptionLarge deciduous tree up to 15m tall. Trunk with pale pinkish grey bark. Pinnately compound leaf with 2-6 pairs of pinna, leaflets sessile, alternate, margins slightly curved backwards, base unequal. Inflorescence axillary and terminal raceme. Flower pedicellate, calyx 5, gamosepalous, corolla pale yellow, united at the base. Stamens 10, free, hardly exserted, anthers with a gland at the tip. Fruit a pod, curved, becomes coiled after dehiscence. Seeds many, bright red in color, like beads.
   Flowering Fruiting periodMarch -June / May - August
   UsesNitrogen fixation, soap making, Timber, fire wood and young leaves used as a vegetable.
   Medicinal UsesUsed as antibacterial, treat leprosy, dysentery, diarrhoea and tonsillitis.
   Tamil NameAanai Kundumani