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Millettia pinnata (L.) panigrahi



   Botanical NameMillettia pinnata (L.) panigrahi
   SynonymsPongamia Pinnata. (L.) Pierre; Pongamia glabra.Vent.
   Common NameEnglish: Indian Beech / Tamil: Ponga, Pungam
   DistributionGlobal : Tropical Asia, Australia, Egypt and Sudan
Indian : Tamil Nadu , Rajasthan and Bihar.
   DescriptionDeciduous tree up to 15-25m tall with straight or crooked trunk, Bark grey-brown, vertically fissured or smooth in young. Leaves compound with tripinnate, alternate, rounded, or cuneate at the base, ovate or oblong, prominent vein underneath. Inflorescence raceme; Flowers small, cluster, strongly fragrant, calyx 5, small bell-shaped and truncated. corolla 5, white to pinkish, ovate shape, with basal auricles and often with a central blotch of green colour. Stamens 10, diadelpous, staminal column covers style, style short. Fruit pod, 1-2 seeded, thick walled, flattened, slightly curved and elliptical. Seeds brittle and oily coat.
   Flowering Fruiting periodApril - June / February - May
   UsesWood moderately hard, used for cart-wheels and agricultural implements.
   Medicinal UsesLeaves used as green manure. Seeds yield an oil used for the preparation of medicines and biodiesel.
   Tamil NamePungam