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Since 1980

Mangifera indica L.



   Botanical NameMangifera indica L.
   SynonymsMangifera amba. Forsk.; Mangifera viridis. Boj.; Mangifera rubra Boj.
   Common NameEnglish: Mango / Tamil : Maamaram
   DistributionGlobal : India, Myanmar, Thailand, Indo-China and Malasiya
Indian: Throughout India.
   DescriptionEvergreen trees up to 30 m height. dark grey bark with rough and vertical fissures, exudation yellowish, gummy. Leaves simple, alternate, clustered at the tips of branchlets, estipulate; petiole long, stout, glabrous and pulvinate, elliptic, margin entire. Inflorescence panicle raceme. Flowers polygamous, yellowish-green, in terminal panicles; pedicels jointed; bract deciduous; calyx 4-5 partite, ovate, imbricate, hairy, cauducous; petals 4-5, oblong-obovate, subequal, nerves at base gland crested, free or adnate to the disc; disc fleshy, cupular, 4-5 lobed. Stamens 4-5, inserted inside or on the disc, fertile stamens 1 or 2; filaments free, glabrous; staminodes gland-tipped. Ovary sessile, superior, oblique, 1-celled, ovule pendulous, style lateral, stigma simple. Fruit a drupe, oblong-reniform, compressed, yellowish-red, mesocarp fleshy, endocarp fibrous and seed subreniform.
   Flowering Fruiting periodFebruary - March and May - June
   UsesFruit Edible and commercially cultivated. Plant used as mosquitos Repellent. Wood used for construction, furniture, carpentry, box and crate making.
   Medicinal UsesAntiseptic, astringent, diaphoretic, stomachic, vermifuge, tonic, laxative and diuretic.
   Tamil NameMaamaram