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Phyllanthus emblica L.



   Botanical NamePhyllanthus emblica L.
   SynonymsCicca emblica. (L.)Kurz,: Diasperus emblica .(L.) Kuntze
   Common NameEnglish : Indian goose berry, Amla / Tamil : Nelli
   DistributionGlobal : India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Ceylon, Malaya, China.
Indian: Andaman & Nicobar Island, Assam, Madhya Pradesh,Manipur, Odisha, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh
   DescriptionA Medium sized deciduous tree up to 2 m height, Bark brown to whitish yellow. Stem terete, producing number of leafy shoots, rachis pubescent. Leaves poorly developed pinnately compound, leaflet alternate, margin entire, obtuse with semi acute; lamina leathery, adaxially green, abaxially pale green, dry matured leaves brownish, base slightly oblique, shallowly cordate, leafy shoots with many male flowers and few larger female flowers; male flower pedicelled, sepals 6, subequal, membranous, yellowish. Stamens 3, closely associated, anther erect, dehiscent longitudinally, filament; female flower: Style 3, greenish, connate at the base, bifid, horizontal, stigma brownish, slightly bent. Gynoecium long, style long, ovary, green.
   Flowering Fruiting periodMarch-May/June-September.
   UsesFruit is eaten raw or cooked into various dishes and used to make jams, jellies, tarts, chutneys etc.
   Medicinal UsesUsed in Ayurveda as a potent rasayana and in traditional medicine For the treatment of diarrhoea, jaundice, and inflammation.
   Tamil NameNelli