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Since 1980

Roystonea regia (Kunth) O. F Cook


Bottle Palm

   Botanical NameRoystonea regia (Kunth) O. F Cook
   SynonymsEuterpe ventricose. C. H. Wright; Oreodoxa regia Kunth, nom. cons
   Common NameEnglish : Cuban Royal palm / Tamil : Bottle Palm
   DistributionGlobal : Mexico, America
Indian : Throughout India as ornamental
   DescriptionSolitary palm tree that erect up to 30 m height, Trunk Base swollen, bark greyish white, leaf scars are regular and closely spaced. Leaves Pinnate, reduplicate, up to 3 m long, with numerous leaflets in several planes (plumose), with prominent secondary ribs. The crown shaft is bright, glossy green, slightly swollen at the base, and up to 2 m long. Lower leaves droop downward. Leaflets have acute tips, prominent secondary veins, and scales along the prominent midrib's undersurface. Inflorescence spadix to 1 m long and about the same width, densely branched to three orders, with separate, white staminate and pistillate flowers. Fruit oblong to ovoid, purplish black when ripe.
   Flowering Fruiting periodJune - July / January - February
   UsesOrnamental tree generally planted in gardens. The seed is used as a source of oil and for livestock feed.
   Medicinal UsesThe roots are used as diuretic and as a treatment for diabetes.
   Tamil NameBottle Palm