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Since 1980

Ficus maclellandii King.


Willow fig

   Botanical NameFicus maclellandii King.
   SynonymsFicus rhododendrifolia .(Miq.) Miq.
   Common NameEnglish : Willow fig / Tamil : Neenda Ilai athi
   DistributionGlobal : India, China and tropical Africa and America.
Indian: Throughout India
   Description: Evergreen tree up to 20m height, Bark grey and smooth, buttressed. Leaves petiolate, simple, alternate, elliptic to ovate, glabrous, leathery, apex acuminate, mucronate, veins prominent and cytoliths present in between veins. Inflorescence hypanthium, axillary on leafy branchlets, paired, purplish red when mature, globose to conic, slightly flat, sessile, involucral bract 2 or 3, ovate. Male, gall and female flowers present. Male flowers few, near apical pore. gall flower pedicellate, calyx lobes 3, lanceolate. Female flower, sessile, calyx lobe 3, lanceolate ovary ovoid. Achenes triangular, minutely tubercular. Syconus fruit.
   Flowering Fruiting periodApril – June
   UsesOrnamental planted in gardens and road side.
   Medicinal UsesUsed in the treatment of bone movement disorder, ringworm, thrush and scabies.
   Tamil NameWillow fig