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Cassia roxburghii DC



   Botanical NameCassia roxburghii DC
   SynonymsCassia javanica .Sensu Bojer.; Cassia marginata. Roxb.; Cathartocarpus marginatus G. Don.
   Common NameEnglish : Red Cassia / Tamil : Senkondrai, Sivappu kondrai
   DistributionGlobal : India and Sri Lanka.
Indian: Major parts of southern India
   Description: Deciduous tree up to 15m height, bark dark brown to black, vertical fissures present. Leaves paripinnate compound, alternate, stipulate, stipule ovate and lateral, petiole pulvinate, lamina elliptic to oblong, margin entire, apex obtuse. Inflorescence racemose. Flower pink, petamerous, zygomorphic, bisexual and perigynous, Calyx sepals 5, obtuse, green, petals 5, pink to rose, clawed and oblong. Stamens 10, arranged in 3 long filament, 4 medium sized filament and 3 short filament, anthers small. Ovary monocarpellary, half inferior, ovules many, style long. Fruit a pod, long indehiscence, black, seeds many, embedded in a dry pith.
   Flowering Fruiting periodFebruary - March / May - June
   UsesOrnamental tree in parks and gardens.
   Medicinal UsesPlant used as laxative and Purgative. It also used for skin diseases, ring worms and scabies.
   Tamil NameSenkondrai