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Bambusa bambos (L.) Voss



   Botanical NameBambusa bambos (L.) Voss
   SynonymsArundarbor bambos (L.) Kuntze; Arundo bambo L.;
   Common NameEnglish: Bamboo, Indian thorny bamboo / Tamil: Moongil
   DistributionGlobal: Native to Southern Asia and naturalized in central America, Australia and Philippines
Indian: Throughout India
   DescriptionErect culms from a thick stoloniferous rhizome up to 15-20 m height, culm sheaths broadly triangular, densely brownish, hairy. Leaves simple, linear, entire, sheath base glabrous, ligule short, petiole short. Inflorescence a compound panicle with the spikelet’s in heads. Spikelet many flowered, oblong terete, flowers bracteate, bract glume like, glume 1-3, broadly ovate, mucronate, Lemmas lanceolate, mucronate, coriaceous, glabrous, paleas 2 keeled, ciliate. Stamens 6, versatile. Ovary ovate, style 1, stigma 3. Fruit caryopsis, linearly cylindrical.
   Flowering Fruiting periodMonocarpic, 16 - 52 years
   UsesCulms used for house constructions, scaffolding, rafters and roofing. It also used for making handcrafts, cooking utensils, basket making and as fencing sticks.
   Medicinal UsesIt is widely used in folk medicine for its anti-inflammatory, astringent,laxative, diuretic, anti-ulcer, anti-arthritic, anti-obesity and abortifacient activities.
   Tamil NameMoongil