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Plumeria pudica Jacq.


White Frangipani

   Botanical NamePlumeria pudica Jacq.
   SynonymsPlumeria caracasana J.R. Johnston; Plumeria cochleate S.F. Blake
   Common NameEnglish: White Frangipani, Bridal bouquet / Tamil: Naavilla arali
   DistributionGlobal: Native to Panama, Colombia and Venezuela. Ornamental plant in Tropic and subtropic countries.
Indian: Throughout India
   Description: Evergreen shrub up to 2 m height, stem green, milky sap present, slender and cylindrical. Leaves unusual fiddle shaped, or spoon shaped, simple, spiral, cluster at tip. Inflorescence terminal cyme. Flower white, large, pentamerous, bisexual, hypogynous, calyx 5 sepals, green, corolla 5 lobed, tubular, white but yellow near neck. Stamens 5, epipetalous, inserted, filament short, anther bilobed. Gynoecium apocarpous, bicarpellary, ovary lanceolate with many ovules, superior ovary. Fruit capsule or follicle, dehisce and release numerous seeds.
   Flowering Fruiting periodThroughout the year.
   UsesOrnamental plant grown in garden.
   Medicinal UsesPlant is used for the treatment of cancer and Alzheimer disease. It also used for the treatment of skin diseases.
   Tamil NameWhite Frangipani