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Heliconia rostrata Ruiz & Pav.


Thongum Iral Nagam

   Botanical NameHeliconia rostrata Ruiz & Pav.
   SynonymsBihai rostrata(Ruiz & Pav.) Griggs.; Heliconia poeppigiana Eichler ex Petersen
   Common NameEnglish: Hanging Lobster Claw / Tamil: Kilii Poo, Thongum Iral Nagam
   DistributionGlobal: Native to South America. Ornamental in tropics and subtropics countries
Indian: Throughout India
   DescriptionEvergreen perennial shrubs grows up to 2 m Height. Leaves banana like broad, oblong on long petiole, erect from rhizomatous root stock. Inflorescence pendant cyme with bright red colour bracts with tip yellow. Flower yellowish white. Fruit dark blue, round and fleshy.
   Flowering Fruiting periodThroughout the year
   UsesOrnamental in garden.
   Medicinal UsesPlant traditionally used for jaundice, diabetes, hypertension and for intestinal problems.
   Tamil NameThongum Iral Nagam