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Caesalpinia pulcherrima (L.) Sw.



   Botanical NameCaesalpinia pulcherrima (L.) Sw.
   SynonymsPoinciana pulcheriima L.; Poinciana elata Lour.
   Common NameEnglish : Peacock flower / Tamil : Mayir-Konrai
   DistributionGlobal : Native to South Mexico. Ornamental in tropical and subtropical countries
Indian: Throughout India.
   DescriptionScandent semievergreen shrub grows up to 3m height, bark dark grey. Leaves pinnately compound, rachis long, prickle present, pinna stalked, stipules scale like, leaflets opposite, laminae oblong - ovate, apex obtuse, entire. Inflorescence panicled raceme. Flowers pentamerous, bright yellow, bisexual, complete and hypogynous, calyx sepals 5, greenish, glabrous, corolla 5 petals, yellow to reddish orange, clawed. Stamens 10, filament unequal in length, anther small versatile. Ovary monocarpellary, monolocular, style long, stigma capitate. Fruit pod, seed small 3-6.
   Flowering Fruiting periodApril - December.
   UsesOrnamental plant in garden. Wood is excellent charcoal.
   Medicinal UsesRoot and plant decoction used as purgative and emmenagogue. Entire plant used in the treatment of stomach, urinary bladder, gall badder and kidney problems.
   Tamil NameMayir-Konrai