Department of Economics

Since 1968

4 Programmes
7 Faculty
196 Students
62 Publications


The Department in is one of the oldest and prestigious Departments of Bishop Heber College.B.A. Economics programme was started in 1968. The UGC sponsored Vocational Course on Insurance was introduced in 2002. M.Phil., (Programme in Economics (part-time) was introduced in 2007. Girl students were admitted in the undergraduate programme from 2008. A UGC sponsored course on Catering Technology was introduced in the year 2010. Know Your Economy (KYE) examination is conducted every year for the students by the Scientific Research Association for Economics and Finance (SRAEF) from 2010 onwards. The department has been upgraded as a full-fledged Research Department from 2011, and Postgraduate Programme was introduced in the year 2018.

The department has been guided by the able headship of the following eminent personalities.

  • 1. Rev. Paul David 1968
  • 2. Mr. Blessed Singh 1970-1973
  • 3. Mr. C. J. Hubert 1973-1991
  • 4. Dr. G. John Raja 1991-2000
  • 6. Dr. S. Shanthi Getzie Ranjini Devi 2002-2007 head i/c 2007-2019 head
  • 7. Dr. S. Seethalakshmi head i/c from 2019 onwards

The department has 1 Associate professor and 3 Assistant Professors in aided stream and 3 Assistant Professors in Self-Financed stream. The faculty members participate in various national and international conferences/workshops/seminars etc. and attend Orientation / Refresher Courses and Training Programmes organized by the College and other Universities/MHRD and Institutions to strengthen their knowledge with recent developments in the field of Economics.

Economically weaker students get financial assistance through the Students Help Line from the management. Students are motivated to participate and present papers in the State/National/International conferences and seminars. Selected research papers are published in reputed journals. The students of the department take part in all the inter-collegiate/inter-departmental competitions enthusiastically. Students are encouraged to prepare and write the competitive examinations. One fourth of the students join NSS/NCC and Sports. NSS and NCC cadets participate in State/National Republic Day parades and sports students excel in State/National/International events.


To establish the economics department as a centre of quality teaching and produce socially responsible students with sound knowledge in economic theory and its applications.


  • To train the students to think independently so that they are able to correlate economic theory with current economic affairs.

Programmes & Certificate Courses Offered


  • B.A. Economics
  • M.A. Economics
  • M.Phil. Economics (Part-Time)
  • Ph.D. Economics (Full time & Part time)

Best Practices of the Department

  • Department of Economics organises State/National/International level seminars/ conferences / workshops regularly.
  • Exhibition is conducted on different topics every year.
  • National/International days/festivals are commemorated.
  • Meeting on budget analysis is organised every year after the union budget is presented by the Indian finance minister.
  • Know Your Economy examination is conducted every year in collaboration with Scientific Research Association for Economics and Finance (SRAEF).
  • Intra Class Competitions are conducted every year.
  • Alumni Meet is conducted every year.
  • Add on course on "Health and Social Recreation" is conducted.
  • Certificate Course on "Statistical Analysis" is conducted.
  • Industrial Visit, Internship Programme, and Field Visit are arranged every year.
  • The students participate in various inter collegiate competitions, every year.
  • Library visits are mandatory for the PG students.


  • Dr. S. Seethalakshmi
  • Head i/c and Assistant Professor
  • Department of Economics
  • Phone: (0431)2770136 Ext:202