Bishop Heber College provides excellent hostel facilities for both national and International students with a cozy atmosphere . There are separate hostels for both boys & girls. The hostel rooms measure different sizes capacitating 2 to 6 beds, as per the needs of the students and are also provided with attached bathrooms and common bathrooms. Common rooms are also available to accommodate the financially weak students. The hostels are surrounded by tall, green trees, garden benches, and lush green land, making it easy for students to move around.

Hostel Administration:

The Principal is the Chief Warden of the Hostel with separate Deputy Wardens appointed for boys and girls hostels. Under the Deputy Wardens, individual sub wardens are appointed to manage the residents on each floor. Also the administration forms student committees to give the residents an opportunity in the administrative governance of the hostel. The objective of students committee is to give students a role in the administrative governance of the hostel, so as to develop organizing skills which helps the students to acquire and improve the quality of life into the main stream of the society. For the effective functioning of the hostel several committees like Dining committee, Discipline committee, Hygiene committee, Study committee, Sports and Cultural Committee are formed in the hostel. These committees work closely with Warden, Deputy Warden and Sub-Wardens to ensure proper discipline .These committees consists of student representatives who take active interest in general welfare of the students residing in the hostel and assist the sub-wardens in maintaining the living standards. These committees also make new suggestions to the Warden/ Deputy Warden to improve the image of the hostel.

Committees and their Composition

The duration of the committee shall be for one year. The committee shall meet at least once a month and as and when required.
  1. Student Representatives

  1. Formation of Committees

The members of committees are designated as under

Dining Committee Hygiene Committee Study Committee Discipline Committee Sports and Cultural Committee
1.Representative –Dining hall Inspection 1.Representative- Cleanliness 1.Representative- Attendance 1.Representative- Outing of students 1. Representatives- Cultural
2.Representative-Dining hall Cleanliness 2.Representative- RO water 2.Representative- Academic Progress 2.Representative-Leave or Absence 2. Representatives- Sports
3.Representative-Food Inspection 3.Representative-Health & Hygiene 3.Representative- Leave or Absence 3.Representative-Maintenance
4.Representative- Monitoring feedback 4.Representative- Monitoring feedback 4.Representative- Discipline

  1. Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Dining Committee

Dining committee is responsible for the smooth functioning of the hostel mess under the supervision of mess warden. To convene meeting once in a month.

The dining committee ensures:

  1. Hygiene Committee

Hygiene committee is constituted for the purpose of personal cleanliness as well as the cleanliness of dining halls, toilets, hostel campus and its surrounding areas. This committee shall meet at least once a month and more often if necessary. The roles of the committee is:

  1. Study Committee

This committee is formed to monitor students discipline especially during the study hours. This committee takes care of:

  1. Discipline Committee

This committee takes care of discipline activities. It prevents any indiscipline happenings taking place in the hostel campus. This committee ensures to

  1. Cultural and Sports Committee

The objective of this committee is to bring out the talents of students and also to refresh them from the monotonous style of living. This committee takes care of the cultural activities and sports events of the hostel students:

    Events arranged for the students are:
  1. Orientation Program
  2. Health and Hygiene Awareness Program
  3. Cultural Events
  4. Christmas Celebrations
  5. Hostel Day Celebrations
  6. Intra-hostel Competitions
  7. Skill Training programs

Admission Procedure

Payment of Fees

  1. Establishment fees:Each student admitted into the hostel should pay the following fees at the beginning of every semester.

  2. Mess fees:

  3. Remittance of Hostel Fees:: Parents are requested to send hostel fees directly to the Principal by Money Order / Demand Draft drawn in favour of the Principal, Bishop Heber College, Tiruchirappalli - 620 017 and not to send them to their sons /daughters / wards, in order to prevent delay and default in payment. While sending the fees by Money Order to the Principal, parents are requested to mention the name of the student, his / her Roll Number, Class and Name of the Hostel, in the Money Order form clearly. In case of Demand Drafts, a covering letter carrying the above information must be in closed.

  4. Terms & Conditions

    • The prescribed fee for the duration of the course is to be paid in advance through a Demand Draft/Online Payment. No cash payment will be accepted.
    • A student, once admitted, will not be permitted to leave the hostel mid-term. However, as a special case, the Institute may permit a boarder to leave the hostel, but no refund of the fee paid will be made.
    • Outsiders, whether friends or relatives of the boarders, will not be allowed to reside in the hostel.
    • The admission to the hostels and allotment of rooms will be entirely at the discretion of the Institute.


Student’s Strength in Hostel

S.No. Hostels No. of Floors No. of Rooms Actual
1 Schwartz Hostel 03 58 174
2 Gardiner Hostel 03 69 207
3 Christian Endeavour Hostel for Boys 01 16 90
4 Dodson Hostel 04 100 300
5 Thomas Adamson Hostel 03 22 260
6 All Saints Hostel 02 08 100
7 Christian Endeavour Hostel for girls 01 16 90
8 Bishop Solomon Doraiswamy Hostel 03 47 250
9 Bishop Solomon Doraiswamy Hostel – Annex 02 10 80
10 Bishop Thorp Hostel for Women 04 23 172
11 Margret Addicot Hostel 02 26 174
12 G. H. Launder Hostel 03 28 170
13 Vestry Hostel 02 20 100
14 International Hostel 03 15 30


S.No. Name of the Hostel No. of Floors No. of Rooms Actual 2021-2022 2022-2023
1 BSD 03 47 250 271 276
2 BSD Annex I & II 02 02 80 194 163
3 Bishop Thorp 04 23 172 194 176
4 G.H. Launder 03 28 170 215 218
5 MA 02 26 174 187 171
6 CE Girls Hostels 01 16 90 125 124
7 All Saints Hostel 02 08 100
Total 15 142 936 1186 1128


S.No. Name of the Hostel No. of Floors No. of Rooms Actual 2021-2022 2022-2023
1 Gardiner 03 69 207 300 260
2 Schwartz 03 58 174 266 260
3 Dodson 04 100 300 543 500
4 CE-Boys 01 16 90 97 91
5 MA 02 26 174 187 171
6 Thomas Adamson 0 0 0 260 260
Total 11 243 771 1466 1371

Activities and facilities

1. Rooms

2. Prayer

3. Study Hours

4. Silence Hours

5.Library Hours

6. Dining

7. Visitors

8. Medical Facilities

9. Guidance and Counselling

Hostel Rules and Regulations

NOTE: No Tobacco Zone

Use of Tobacco, Alcohol, Narcotics and Drugs is strictly prohibited.