The College Since 1966(Buildings)

S.No.Name of the buildingOpened On
01Old Building(1)16-10-68
02Old Building(2)14-7-70
03Principal Sargurudoss Administrative Building27-01-73
04Bishop R.B. Manickam Block27-01-73
05Muthamizh kavalar Dr.K.A.P. Viswanatham Block27-01-73
06Schwartz Hostel27-01-73
08Dining hall & Kitchen Block21-01-78
09Gardiner Hostel08-01-80
10Library And Auditorium25-01-82
11New Class Room Block19-10-85
12Bank Extension Counter Building03-03-88
13Chinnakkadai Street Shopping Complex30-04-88
14Christian Endeavour(C.E.) Hostel for Boys12-08-88
15Student Services Centre08-03-90
16Vasantham Gardens08-03-90
17Post-Graduate Block03-10-90
18Open-Air Stage12-02-92
19Power House03-03-92
20Bishop Solomon Doraiswamy Hostel03-01-96
21Administrative Block - I Floor15-12-2000
22Bishop Solomon Doraiswamy Computer Science Block15-12-2000
23New Toilet Block13-03-2002
24New Power House And Generator13-03-2002
25Dodson Hostel18-12-2002
26Dining Hall Block in Bishop Solomon Doaraiswamy Hostel23-02-2004
27Ladies Toilet Block23-02-2004
28Cafeteria Extension23-02-2004
29Multipurpose Building24-07-2004
30Administrative Block II Floor24-11-2004
31First Floor Over the Bishop Solomon Doraiswamy Hostel Dining Hall- C.E. Hostel for Girls08-09-2005
32Chapel - Rededication16-10-2005
33Student Services Center - Extension17-10-2005
34Ladies Toilet behind Computer Science Block17-10-2005
35Bishop Solomon Doraiswamy Hostel -II Floor21-02-2006
36SSC- II Floor31-01-2007
37Second Floor over Bishop Solomon Doraiswamy Hostel Dining Hall CE Hostel for Girls10-04-2007
38Principal Sargurudoss Administrative Building I & II Floor13-08-2007
39Library Block - III Floor13-08-2007
40International Hostel for Men13-08-2007
41International Dining Hall13-08-2007
42Multipurpose Building -III Floor03-12-2007
43Mess Staff Quarters04-09-2008
44Bishop Thorp Hostel for Women17-11-2008
45Gallery for Basket Ball Court20-02-2010
46380 KVA Generator07-05-11
47Block Renovation work for Bishop R.B. Manickam & Muthamizh Kavalar Dr.K.A.P. Viswanatham Block08-09-2011
48Indoor Stadium - Under Construction-
49Women's Hostel - Under Construction-