A Short Biography

Dr. A. Relton

Dr. A. Relton joined the Bishop Heber College in 1984 as lecturer. He is currently Associate professor and Head of the department of Social Work and his area of specialisation is Clinical social work.

He is also the Honorary Director of Heber Au Sable Institute of Environmental Studies a collaborative initiative by Au Sable Institute of Environmental studies, USA and Bishop Heber College.

He is an international faculty and involved in teaching ecology courses to US and UK students. He has presented papers at various national and international conferences.

He has served as NSS officer and NCC officer (Air Wing) of the college in the past decades. He has also served as wildlife warden of Tiruchirappalli forest division for 6 years.

He is Authored a book on Birds of Bishop Heber College and co-authored a book on Butterflies of Bishop Heber College. He is an avid bird watcher and interested in wildlife photography.