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HEBAA Welcomes..

Welcome Letter from Principal

Dear Alumni,

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the alumni section of our website, where you can feel right at home. In this section, you can be active and engaged members of the community, reconnect with your classmates and keep up to date about alumni events.

I am tremendously proud of what you have all been accomplishing since leaving campus, and of how you “Heberians” have grown in the past few years. As you continue on your paths, fulfilling your potential and acting as ambassadors for Hebers’, I encourage you to think often on the mission laid down for the college and for you: to become leaders in the world, promoting peace and hope.

We look forward to your continued success.


Dr. D. Paul Dhayabaran


Bishop Heber College


Welcome Letter from HEBAA President

Dear Heberians,

On behalf of the Heber Alumni Association (HEBAA), it is my pleasure to welcome you. I take this opportunity to invite you to take full advantage of the great cultural, academic and other programs and events that the Alumni Association sponsors. Our programs provide a great opportunity to connect with fellow Heberian alums, share memories and maintain connections to the college.

The Alumni Association sponsors a variety of events to provide opportunities to connect through:

  • Career Networking
  • Social Events
  • Educational Programs
  • Cultural and Artistic Events
  • Reunions
  • Volunteer Projects

Above all, I encourage you to take full advantage of the association’s programs to make new Heberian friends, stay in touch with classmates and keep your connections to the College. If you have suggestions for alumni events in your area or ideas for improving communication, please let me know by contacting the Office of Alumni Relations, or any member of the Alumni Board. We do want to hear your thoughts and suggestions. This is your Alumni Association and we aim to make it great!

I wish you all the best on all endeavors, and I hope to meet many of you at future alumni events.


Dr. E. Andrew Santhosh

President, HEBAA