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An unprecedented wealth of biological data that has been generated by the human genome project and sequencing projects world wide demands for analysis and interpretation of these data.

Just an Introduction..

Industry right now has an enormous demand for people who have the diverse skill set needed in bioinformatics. The requirements are for people who have substantial training on the computer science side [and] are well-grounded in biology. There is a particularly big demand for people who can communicate with both biologists and computer scientists. These people are simply few and far between.

The main tools of a bioinformatician are computer software programs and the internet. A fundamental activity is sequence analysis of DNA and proteins using various programs and databases available on the world wide web. The escalating amount of data from the genome projects has necessitated computer databases that feature rapid assimilation, usable formats and algorithm software programs for efficient management of biological data

In the short term, as a result of the emerging bioinformatic analysis of the human genome project, more disease genes will be identified and new drug targets will be simultaneously discovered. Bioinformatics will serve to identify susceptibility genes and illuminate the pathogenic pathways involved in illness, and will therefore provide an opportunity for development of targeted therapy.