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History is the study of civilizations from a variety of perspectives. The study of History helps us understand how cultures evolved and became what they are today. With this knowledge, students are able to extend their experience, fortify their judgement, and develop a broad appreciation of their cultural heritage. Since history is the record of all that people have said and done, it offers an understanding, which is key to intellectual development that is so vital to the society at large. Our continued success-political, social, and economical-requires an historically literate public prepared to meet future challenges.


While many of our graduates enter the field of teaching, some pursue graduate degrees and university teaching careers, and others find employment in history-related fields such as archival and library work and historical research. A degree in history, however, prepares you for a diverse range of job opportunities. Since a knowledge of the past is essential for understanding the present and anticipating the future, the graduates of our programs are found employed wherever their analytical, writing and organizational skills are needed. Such fields include business, government service, the military, computer programming, publishing, journalism and public services.